The adventures of tom sawyer


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The adventures of tom sawyer

  1. 1.  Pseudonym of Samuel Langhorne Clemens. Son of a merchant, spent his childhood and adolescence in the banks of the Mississippi River. Orphaned as a very small, conducted numerous activities to earn a living that will give you endless adventures journalist walking printer, clerk, apprentice and coxswain boat correspondent. He was noted for his comic books and ironic anecdotes, which appeared in several U.S. newspapers. His works are characterized by knowing how to use accessible to the general public and have an exquisite irony management language.
  2. 2.  Mark Twain is the author of such popular works such as the aforementioned "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer" (1876), "The Prince and the Pauper" (1882), "Life On The Mississippi" (1883), "The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn "(1884)," A Yankee In The Court Of King Arthur "(1889) and" The Pretender Americano "(1892).
  3. 3.  The Adventures of Tom Sawyer is the story of a few months in the life of this child who lives in a small town in the southwestern United States on the Mississippi . Raised by his Aunt Polly who wants heart but it undergoes a discipline that makes it absurd and unpleasant. Tom contemplated the world much differently than adults do with having to live with. Precisely because there is this distance with their fun and entertaining nobles reactions. More wild and rebel against this world of older people is his friend Huckleberry Finn Tom the ideal partner that is envied by other children which provide for living a life that they would like to wear. Live together humorous and dramatic that may leave more gracefully than it would have done any adult adventures. At the end both Tom and Huck will end up being taken to the context of people who grow up and stop being children.
  4. 4.  Tom Sawyer: protagonist of the book, young nephew of Ms. Polly, imaginative and rebellious child. He had always wanted to travel, be a pirate, play, but mostly to prove to everyone that he was a hero and be the point of care, cunning and very human.  Aunt Polly: simple soul woman, aunt of Tom, was diplomatic and Tom continually rebuked.  Ben Rogers: mocking boy gang, her walk was a mixture of jumps, leaps and bounds.  Huckleberry Finn: son of the town drunk, a friend of Tom, hated by society for being bum. It lacked education, participated in a series of adventures beside Tom.
  5. 5.   Joe Harper: Tom intimate friend. Becky Thatcher: classmate Tom, was the new girl in the county had blue eyes, blonde hair, usually combed with long braids. Tom is lost in the cave.
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