How Do You Embed A Video From YouTube InTo WordPress


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Do you want viewers to watch multiple videos with the least amount of effort?
Do you want to increase the time viewers spend watching your videos?
Do you want to increase your video rankings in the search engines?

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How Do You Embed A Video From YouTube InTo WordPress

  1. 1. How To Embed A Video From YouTube In WordPress Do you want to attract search engine traffic from your YouTube videos? Do you want to improve the rankings of your current videos? Do you want to get more views? One of the main factors that determine the rankings of your videos is how many different places your video has been embedded. The more locations the better. One of the best locations is your own website or blog. So how do embed a YouTube video into a WordPress page or or post? Watch on YouTube: How To Embed A Video From YouTube In WordPress 1. Copy the embed code from YouTube • • • • • Under your YouTube video click the "share" button Click the "Embed" button" Select the video size from the drop down box Uncheck "show suggested videos when the video finishes" Copy the html code (Ctrl+X on your keyboard) 2. Insert the embed code into WordPress page • • Create a new post or page Dashboard - Posts - Add New
  2. 2. • • • Make sure you're in html view Paste the YouTube embed code into your page Publish the post 3. Transcribe video content then add it to your web page The context within which your video appears on the web page helps boost your rankings in Google and YouTube. Transcribe the video then add the text to your web page. Insert the video embed code next to the content that best describes it. 4. Add the title to your video Add the title above your video then hyperlink it to the URL of your YouTube video Here are some other locations for embedding your video to gain more backlinks and boost your rankings in YouTube and Google. • • • • Web 2.0 blogs (WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, StumbleUpon) Article directories Press releases Social media sites (Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest) Uploading your video to YouTube is just the beginning of the promotion process. If you want it to be seen by 1000s of eyeballs you need to embed it on multiple web properties. This will not only boost your rankings but grow your audience. And now I'd like to invite you to subscribe to my free e-course 21 ways to get YouTube Traffic Warm Regards, Herman Drost