Sierra T's ¡Fantástico! 10.5 Project example


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Sierra T's ¡Fantástico! 10.5 Project example

  1. 1. 10.5 PROYECTO 1BSpanish
  2. 2. Puerto Rico
  3. 3. Why you are interested in visiting thatcountry?I want to visit this country because, my father said it’s a prettysight to see. I also would like to see the rainforest (El Yunque) that’s there. I have always wanted to go too Puerto Ricoevery since I was little. I feel like Puerto Rico is like paradisethe water seem clear and have a loving environment. I wouldlike to visit every Island of Puerto Rico(Part).
  4. 4. When you are going to go?I plan ongoing mysenior yearor when I getmarried formyhoneymoon.I just know Iwill bevisiting thisplace oneday. Themonth Iwould go isJune orOctober.
  5. 5. in your suitcase?What you will pack Toothbrush  -face products Dresses  -hair products Shorts and Shirts  Make up Sandals  Shades Cell phone  Swimsuit Camera  Underclothes Body wash  Clothes Money  Perfume Gummies
  6. 6. What you will do while you arethere? On the first day  And the other days I would just shop, get there I would go in the water go out to check out my resort dinner with people room and relax in and friends. I would also relax on a yacht. my room. The next Before I leave I would day I would go visit have a day at the Spa the history sights and a day I just lay on the Beach. and take pictures.
  7. 7. What these things will cost? What currency will you usewhile there? How does that currency compare to USdollars. Puerto Rico dollars are the same as US. The whole cost for the trip too Puerto Rico would be Total charged: Business (C) (including taxes/fees) $743.70 (USD) flying
  8. 8. When going out of vacation it is always good to planahead. That mean order your ticket early off line geteverything in order from where you going to fly outfrom and what time the flight leaves.When we arrive to the airport we had to check in. Because some airline requirethat your bags checked, either at the counter or curbside before we departure.We had to make sure we got to the gate early and our things are board promptly.After all of that we had to wait until they call the flight number or country. Beforegetting on the plain we had to get security check. After waiting and getting checkthe last thing you will be doing is hand your ticket and ID to the person that’s atthe desk. After that OFF to the plain.
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