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Food Truck Promotions


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“Who we are” Mobile Food Truck Promotions Group is owners and operators of food trucks & ice-cream trucks national,

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Food Truck Promotions

  1. 1. www.foodtruckpromotions.netwww.mobilemex-mediagroup.com8424 Great Circle Dr Suite 100 California City CA, 93505 P: 310-341-6731 F: 760-373-2526“Where Promotions Hit The Pavement”
  2. 2. Mobile Mex Operates in over 50 Major US Markets!5 of the largest Hispanic Markets in the US!
  3. 3. Farm Rich Foods… Mobile tour targeting the streets of California, Portlandand New York. Mobile Mex introduced and sampled Farm Rich Snack Shack products.
  4. 4. Mission Foods…Mobile Lunch Truck tour targeting the streets ofCalifornia, Portland and Seattle Chicago and New York. Mobile Mex introducedand handed out samples of Artisan Tortillas.
  5. 5. Land-O-Lakes…Mobile Mex Media Group provided and wrapped food truck equipped with two 60” PlasmaTV Screens. The food truck was used for a sampling tour and sampling booths. Mobile MexMedia Group also provided transportation and vehicle set up at all tour stops.
  6. 6. DQ 25th Birthday … Ice Cream Truck Mobile Tour targetingconventioneers attending Tech Show at the San Diego Convention Center.
  7. 7. RC COLA …Huston Sampling Tour. Mobile Mex Media Group made stopsat retail locations and local parks to give away samples of Dr.PepperSnapple Group soda products.
  8. 8. POPSICLE…food truck marketing tour in New Yorkmarkets, targeting all sport funs
  9. 9. KIND Health Snacks… Food Truck.
  10. 10. Airborne… Mobile Tour, Texas Market.
  11. 11. Nutella Foods(3) Month tour, targeting Southern California supermarkets, beaches, touristattractions, and other seasonal events…
  12. 12. Volaris Mexico Airlines… (3) month food Truck Tour LasVegas, Chicago,Los Angeles and San Francisco.
  13. 13. MetroPCS… Food Truck Advertising Los Angeles Market
  14. 14. COCA COLA…Mobile Tour targeting retail locations in the California Markets….
  15. 15. The Ai Food Truck Tour… Hit community parks and retail location California
  16. 16. HP VEER 4G… Promotional Food Truck Tour
  17. 17. FREAL Milk Shakes… Promotional Food Truck Tour
  18. 18. CHEF MICHAELS…Dog Food Promotional Tour
  19. 19. HARDEE’S… Promotional Food Truck Tour
  20. 20. KLONDIKE BAR Mobile Food Truck Tour.
  21. 21. Kraft Foods… Peanut Butter Food Truck Tour
  22. 22. Rumba Meats Foods… Food Truck SamplingCampaign Texas Market.
  23. 23. McCormick Spices… Chicago Food Trucks Tour.
  24. 24. Sales and Marketing