Food Truck Promotion and Marketing Presentation


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Mobile Mex-Media Group have created a unique channel for the food and beverage industry, mobile food trucks provide a sales and marketing platform, for sampling and retail promotions. MMG has a number of mobile food trucks national.

The mobile food truck food industry is growing daily, with over 2,500 food trucks in the LA market alone! Advertising on mobile lunch trucks provide companies with an opportunity to target a segment, that can’t be reached by regular media. We provide a marketing and promotional platform where we can advertises, sample products to consumer on the move.

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Food Truck Promotion and Marketing Presentation

  1. 1. Lunch Truck Marketing and Advertising....Innovation and Creative Thinking! 8424 Great Circle Dr Suite 100 California City CA, 93505 P: 310-341-6731 F: 760-373-2526
  2. 2. Mobile Mex Operates in over 50 Major US Markets!5 of the largest Hispanic Markets in the US!
  3. 3. Farm Rich Foods… Mobile tour targeting the streets of California, Portlandand New York. Mobile Mex introduced and sampled Farm Rich Snack Shack products.
  4. 4. Mission Foods…Mobile Lunch Truck tour targeting the streets ofCalifornia, Portland and Seattle Chicago and New York. Mobile Mex introducedand handed out samples of Artisan Tortillas.
  5. 5. American Express…Mobile Mex Media Group provided to spec, this classic ice cream truck equipped with two60” Plasma TV Screens. The truck was used for TradeShow Booths. Mobile Mex Media Group provided transportation and vehicle set up at allshows.
  6. 6. ATI… Ice Cream Truck Mobile Tour targeting conventioneers attending TechShow at the San Diego Convention Center.
  7. 7. RC COLA …Huston Sampling Tour. Mobile Mex Media Group made stopsat retail locations and local parks to give away samples of Dr.PepperSnapple Group soda products.
  8. 8. ESPN SPORTS….. Mobile Mex Media Group executed ESPN lunch truckmarketing tour in New York markets, targeting all sport funs
  9. 9. Boost Mobile… Los Angeles Food Trucks.
  10. 10. Del Real Foods… Club Store Mobile Tour.
  11. 11. FOX TheatricalTwo week Ice Cream Truck tour targeting Southern California beaches, touristattractions, and other seasonal events…
  12. 12. Jet Blue… Ice Cream Truck Tour Manhattan and San Francisco.
  13. 13. metroPCS… Los Angeles Taco Trucks
  14. 14. COCA COLA…Mobile Tour targeting retail locations in the California Markets….
  15. 15. TAMPICO…. Weekend Tour. Hit community parks and retail location California and NewYork markets
  16. 16. Nike… East Los Angeles Fun Run. Ice Cream Truck.
  17. 17. Orange County Fair…Ice Cream Truck Tour Targeting Skate Parks and OC Beaches.
  18. 18. Sparkletts… Los Angeles Food Trucks
  19. 19. West Los Angeles Store Grand Opening. Ice Cream Truck.Target Stores…
  20. 20. Verizon… Chicago Food Trucks Blue Collar Tour.
  21. 21. www.mobilemex-mediagroup.comSales and Marketing