Heritage Line Newsletter Nov 2012


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Heritage Line Newsletter Nov 2012

  2. 2. A wise man once said, “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it hastaken place.” That man was George Bernard Shaw.We, at Heritage Line, wish to take Mr. Shaw’s profound exhortation to heart. Published month-ly, the newsletter will be a marvelous tool to connect with you, our valued clients - be it DMCs,tour operators, tour agencies, public media – and our passengers.More than just a staid newsletter, it will be an upbeat platform, cruising past the trite and inaneto give you news and bits of information that matter. We will cover latest promotions, greatdestination articles, moving product stories, real life passenger stories, new team members to ourjoin our ever expanding family and so much more.So, once again, welcome to our newsletter. And yes, Mr. Shaw will be proud that communicationhas indeed taken place.Yours sincerely,Thomas Peter, CEO
  3. 3. The Jahan - A year older and a lot wiser! Jahan A year older and a lot wiser“Since its first One year may not seem like a long times unbridled – have flowed likecruise, The Jahan has time in business. Nay, for most a river of rich plum wine.“welcomed approxi- corporations, it is a time of growing Relaxing, informative, and a per-mately 2,000 passen- pains, countless mistakes and more sonal opportunity to view life ingers,” says a proud investment (business gobbledy- the countryside, from a boutiqueThomas Peter, chief gook for short-term losses). vessel,” said Mr. Harold, a passen-executive officer. ger from Australia. But for the Jahan, the past 12 months have been a blissful roller- To add the icing to the cake, coaster ride of growth and rapid The Jahan has recently been ad- expansion. Since its launch, the mitted as a member of the Secret Jahan – the embodiment of luxury Retreat – an exclusive club of small and elegance – has seen its five star luxury and boutique prop- passenger list burgeon by leaps erties in Asia. and bounds. Not bad for a one-year-old eh? “Since its first cruise, The Jahan has welcomed approximately 2,000 passengers,” says a proud Thomas Peter, chief executive officer. The accolades from happy passen- gers – sometimes gushing, some-
  4. 4. Merger of two greatcruise coMpaniesHeritage-Line, owner of the magnificent Jayavar- All e-mail communications synchronized to oneman and The Jahan cruises, has completed its single domain suffix: @heritage-line.com.merger with an equally magnificent cruise ship In the near future, the Heritage Line website willcompany, formerly Cruise Halong. include both cruising destinations. The Halong boats (Ginger, Jasmine and Violet) areThis merger is expected to strengthen Heritage now part of the unique Heritage Line Collection.Line’s position as the leading cruise company in They are currently undergoing a major rebrandingthe Indochina region. “The merger will place us in process to impose a unique Heritage Line look andgood stead to refine and consolidate our services feel.and products, synergize our efforts and achievegreater passenger satisfaction under the single “We are looking forward to providing our guestsbrand name Heritage Line,” says Thomas Peter, with excellent service for both cruises under theChief Executive Officer of Heritage Line. Heritage Line brand,” says Peter.Following the merger, Cruise Halong will operateunder the branch office of Heritage Line (Halong).The sales and marketing department will be con-solidated within Heritage Line Headquarter inHCMC office. Since July 30 2012, reservations ofall Halong cruises has been transferred and han-dled by the head quarter.
  5. 5. Violetleading the wayin maintenanceFor years, guests of cruise ships echo the same com-plaints. The vessels looks run down. The railing isdilapidated. The floor needs a make-over. The criticismsare always the same.For the Violet, such feedback is non-existent. This isbecause during the course of September, the Violet wasgiven a major spruce-up in preparation for the highseason. Workmen toiled day and night, restoring rails,fixing broken parts and pieces and re-painting peelingwalls. A French-Indochina outfit is giving the boata unique position in the Bay.“Maintenance is a major activity for us. We invest a lot ofmoney in maintenance to ensure our junks are spick andspan,” says Thomas Peter, CEO of Heritage Line.
  6. 6. Meet Sentot. Jayavarman’s new Cruise DirectorIt is about taking care of the needs of guests and yet, we must remain almost anony-mous. And it is also about motivating the staff and keeping them all passionate aboutthe work.It’s 3.00 pm. And the new Cruise Director has been on his feet for the past 8 hours.He offers a kind word of encouragement to a waiter who went the extra mile for a guest.He smiles and assists an elderly couple up the stairs. And he looks just as fresh as he did atbreakfast.Meet Sentot Sutrisnadi, the Jayavarman’s new cruise director. The Indonesian nationalcame on board on this summer and he is bubbling with energy. “This is such an interestingjob. The guests. The staff. The journey on the Mekong,” he says.Sentot is an old hand in Indochina, having worked in senior management positions inthe hotel industry in Cambodia for the past 15 years. Before making Cambodia his home,Sentot chalked up 16 years of hotel work experience with the Hyatt International Groupin Indonesia. His most recent position was that of general manager of a luxury hotel inPhnom Penh. To Sentot, there is no difference between the hotel industry and the cruiseship business. “It is about taking care of the needs of guests and yet, we must remainalmost anonymous. And it is also about motivating the staff and keeping them all passion-ate about the work.”Sentot, we wish you all the best!
  7. 7. Heritage Line goes cutting edgeGo on. Like us.Are you our BFF (Best Friend Forever)? Well, then. Go on to Facebook andlike us. In keeping with our million dollar refurbishment project, we havejust launched cutting edge marketing tools embracing new media withunbridled gusto.We have a new webpage. A webpage that is designed for the 21st centurybut with a warm classic feel. We are on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Flickrand Youtube – complete with interactive tools for guests to communicatewith us. We need to know how you feel about us and we promise to re-spond to your feedback.We have new brochures – glitzy yet dignified. Informative new bookletsthat vividly describe the memorable experiences on the Jahan, theJayavarman and the three junks. Plus, we have a long list of full collaterals.And to add the icing on the cake – we have captured movies about ourboats and the regions. Just click here and you will be mesmerized the taleswe tell.So, go on. Like us! Heritage Line Co. Ltd. 68 Street Nr. 10 - Tran Trong Cung | Tan Thuan Dong Ward (District 7) Ho Chi Minh City | Vietnam T: +84 (0) 8 377 385 55 | F: +84 (0) 8 377 384 44 marketing@heritage-line.com | www.heritage-line.com