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Fourth grade orientation


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Here is the Powerpoint from Tuesday night for you to review!

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Fourth grade orientation

  1. 1. Ms. Kay & Ms. Ivey’s Fourth Grade Welcome, parents!
  2. 2. Welcome to Fourth Grade!We are delighted tobe working togetherto teach yourchildren this year!
  3. 3. Our GoalsTo provide loving, challenging, andengaging classroom experiencesdesigned to meet the needs of all of ourstudents.To help students discover and cultivatenew interests.To develop responsible, independentstudents.To foster leadership skills.
  4. 4. Arrival, Dismissal, & Attendance
  5. 5. Arrival Students may enter the building at8:00 a.m. Monday-Friday. Students arriving prior to these times will be sent to Extended Care.
  6. 6. TardinessClassroom instruction starts promptly.If students aren’t in the classroom by8:20 a.m., they are tardy and mustreport to the office for blue slips.
  7. 7. DismissalALL CHANGES MUST BE MADE INWRITING. Prior to Noon: email is acceptable After Noon: contact Judy CooperPlease arrive in the carpool area to pickup your students at 3:00. Display yourcarpool tag in front windshield.Dismissal ends at 3:15.Students still at school at 3:15 will be sent to extended.
  8. 8. Arrival & Dismissal SafetyPlease drop-off and pick-up students only infront of the Lower School buildings, in thecarpool area, not at the gym or athletic fields.Students must be picked up by an adult.Children must enter and exit the school-side of the car.Please remain in the car during carpool.Please do not use cell phones duringcarpool.
  9. 9. Partial Day AbsencesPlease make every effort to scheduleappointments during Specials.Recommended: PE Music Library
  10. 10. AbsencesPlease contact your classroomteacher or call the office.Work will be made up within threedays of the student’s return.
  11. 11. Make-Up Work Planned Absence Absence Due to Illness 1. Report 1. Report Absence Planned 2. Student to Teacher & Absence to is Absent Margaret in Office Teacher 3. Student Returns 2. Request to Have to School with Current Day’s Make-Up Work for Written Work Teacher Prepared 3. Collect 5. Work is Work UponReturned to Student’s Teacher Return 4. Student Makes Up Work 4. Student 3. Come to School Within 3 Completes Make- AFTER Dismissal Up Work Within 3 to Collect Missed Days Days Work
  12. 12. From the Desk of Ms. Renae
  13. 13. Medication and IllnessMust be free from fever, without medication,for 24 hours before returning to school.All over-the-counter medication must be in theoriginal container.All prescriptions must be in the prescriptionbottle.Always send information about the last andexpected dosages for Ms. Renae.
  14. 14. Health FormsIf there are any changes to your GreenHealth form, please return it to schoolduring the first week.Note any allergies.
  15. 15. GeneralInformation
  16. 16. Field TripsWe have many fun field trips planned tosupport our learning this year! Tennessee Aquarium (Sept 21) Columbus Naval Museum Atlanta History Museum Cyclorama Southern Museum of Civil War & Locomotive HistoryRequired: Navy Heritage logo polo shirt School Store Please set aside
  17. 17. Service ProjectsMonthly food drive for the local Food Pantry: Students bring requested items to each month’s Lower School Assembly
  18. 18. Dress CodeMark your name in all clothing.The dress code will be strictly enforcedas an expectation of excellence.Shirts must be tucked in at all times.
  19. 19. Academics
  20. 20. Green NotebooksTeaching organization.Student responsibility.Students record their homeworkindependently.Check for homework, notes, items fromteacher not sent on Tuesday.Please check this Thursday forimportant information.
  21. 21. Reading30 minutes ofnightly reading isrequired.Be sure to sign yourchild’s reading lognightly after he/shereads.
  22. 22. MathPlease bring coins byWednesday, August 22nd. 20 pennies, 10 nickels, 15 dimes, 12 quartersMultiplication facts to 12 100 facts in 5 minutes
  23. 23. HomeworkTypically available online.Child’s responsibility.Nightly reading: 30 minutes required.Approximately 30 minutes of additionalwork.Please circle, highlight, etc. anyproblems which required assistance. We need to know your child needs help.
  24. 24. CelebratingYour Child
  25. 25. STAR StudentTonight: Sign up for a date.Why is your child special? 20-30 minutes of time with the class.Instructions and the news flyer will besent home 1 week prior to your scheduled date.Please bring us PICTURES of your pet,not your actual pet
  26. 26. BirthdaysCake, Cupcakes, or other small treat.Birthdays may be celebrated duringlunch.Lunch lasts from 11:45-12:15, andcupcakes/cake may be given out afterthe students eat their main dishes.
  27. 27. Let’s Keep in Touch!
  28. 28. ConferencesPlease sign up for a time slot, which will beapplied to the first & last conferences. Allow a buffer between siblings Siblings may not attend the conferenceFormal event, requiring school uniform ormodest Sunday best.Mid-Year Teacher/Parent conference inJanuary. Sign up tonight
  29. 29. Contacting the TeachersWritten Notes (for all medicine & dismissal issues).Email = faster responsePlease call only during Specials. PE, Library, MusicAny phone/email messages are returned as soon aspossible.
  30. 30. Frequently Asked QuestionsIf it’s important, it’s probably online foryour convenience! (faculty/staff, teacher web pages)If you can’t find it online, feel free to email us.
  31. 31. Thank you for joining us!Please sign all forms in your child’shomeroom before leaving. Classroom Helpers Conferences (September and January) Field Trip Voting STAR Student Schedule Phone Tree Buy Lunch Tickets
  32. 32. Let’s Have a Great Year!