Tale salade romania


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Tale salade romania

  2. 2. The story continues… Chapter 5 A TIME MACHINE IN ROMANIA When they woke up next day they saw a weird machine. They decided to check it and they were attracted by a big red button. “Press it, Charles!” said Jordi. Charles pressed the button and a big hole appeared. “What’s that ?” all of them screamed. Suddenly a big hand grabbed them in the hole. After a few seconds they were in another place. A place with old small houses and strange people who were staring at them. “Where are we ?” cried Jakub. “Are we back in time ?!” said one of them, “I think we should ask for help.” James went to a man and said: “Excuse me, sir, I think we’re lost. Can you tell me, please, where are we ?”; “ Are you crazy?! We’re in Targoviste.”; “Targoviste? In Romania ? What year is it ?“; “We’re in 1448.”
  3. 3. TALE SALADE - A TIME MACHINE IN ROMANIA “Guys, I think we have a problem. We are really back in time, but we’re not in Czech Republic anymore. We are in Romania !!!” They panicked and they knew that they must find a way to go back. “Hey, I heard that someone in Romania was trying to make a time machine in 1448. I think he is from a town named Targu Jiu. We should go there and find that person! I’m sure he’ll help us!”
  4. 4. TALE SALADE - A TIME MACHINE IN ROMANIA “What’s going on here?!!” said someone. They turned back and they saw a tall man on a black horse. “Can you help us? We’re in trouble!” ; “Where are you from and what do you want?! I think you must go before I get too angry!” said the man, “Didn’t you hear about me? I’m Vlad the Impalor and you are on my property.“ They knew that Vlad the Impalor was one of the scariest leader in the world. “P-p-p- please, h-h-h-help us.” said Charles. “We used a time machine and now we are stuck here, in the past. We heard about a man who was trying to make a time machine, and he was from here, from Romania. Can your majesty help us go to Targu Jiu?” “Hmm..a time machine..I can. But you must do something for me. You’ll have to tell me how my country will be in the future.”; “Romania will be a beautiful country with welcoming people.” said Jordi. “It sounds good… I want to go and see that beautiful country with my eyes.” Vlad took them to his castle from Targoviste, a scary place where you don’t want to go, to prepare the journey to Targu Jiu.
  5. 5. TALE SALADE - A TIME MACHINE IN ROMANIA After a week, when they arrived to Targu Jiu they found that man with the time machine. Charles told the man what happened and he agreed to help them. They tried to go back in present, but Vlad the Impalor came with them. “I’m going to present to see how Romania has changed !” he said. But they didn’t get back in their time. “We are in Targu Jiu, I know that, but we aren’t in 2013,” said Jakub. Then they saw written in a newspaper that was drifting in the air: <27th October, 1938>. “1938.. that’s the year when “The Endless Column” made by Constantin Brancusi was inaugurated. Let’s go and see it.” said James. Vlad the Impalor didn’t understand anything. He had never heard about this sculptor. A swarm of people were staying around a thin man with a brushy beard. “He is Constantin Brancusi !” They could see “The Endless Column”. It was very high. Then, they saw “The Gate of Kiss” and “The Table of Silence”, some of Brancusi’s works which are in Targu Jiu.
  6. 6. TALE SALADE-A TIME MACHINE IN ROMANIA “I want to go home !” cried Jordi. “We all want. Let’s try again, maybe it will work now.” said Charles. They pressed the button one more time. “Are we in 2013 ? Is this Romania?” asked Vlad. “I don’t think so. We are in 1976 at the Summer Olympics from Montreal, Canada,” said Jakub. “Is this the year when Nadia Comaneci, the best gymnast in the world, got the first 10 in the gymnastic history ?”asked James. “Oh, yes, it is. She is Romanian, isn’t she ?”; “Yes, she is from Romania.” answered Jakub. “She changed the history of gymnastics. She is amazing !” “Look, now she is performing her exercise, let’s watch her !” said James.
  7. 7. TALE SALADE-A TIME MACHINE IN ROMANIA After that, they all decided that they want to go into present. “I hope that we won’t go into future, in 2040, maybe.” said Vlad the Impalor. “But Vlad can’t go with us, that will change the future really badly”; “You promised !” said Vlad angry. “Give me that time machine !” “No ! Don’t press the buttooonn….. !” they all cried. But it was too late. The big hole appeared and grabbed them. After the journey in time they woke up in Constantin Savoiu school, in Targu Jiu, Romania. They looked at the blackboard, it was a date on it <20th February, 2013>. “Yes ! We’re back in our time !” screamed Charles happily. “So is this my country ? I can’t belive this, it is so changed,” said Vlad the Impalor admiring the landscape from the window. “Now, your majesty it’s time to go back to 1448.” said James. “No ! I’ll stay here ! I like it.” “But you can’t !” they all said. ”You must fight the Ottomans !”; “Later.” said Vlad the Impalor. “Later?!” said Jakub, “But wait! Where’s the time machine?”; “It’s gone!” screamed James, “And Vlad is stucked here with us! What are we going to do now?”. “I like this situation…” smiled Vlad.
  8. 8. TALE SALADE-A TIME MACHINE IN ROMANIA Tale salade: Abrudan Maria, Ciofu Oana, 5th form The pictures: Denisa, Bianca, Andrei, 5th form Esther, Razvan, Tiberiu, Edi , 4th form