Top Free Tools for Nonprofits, Social Impact Organizations, and Small Businesses


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If you don't utilize Free tools for your business, you are missing out. We put a list together over at Here's My Chance for the best with creating videos, infographics, pro-bono assistance on projects, email creation, survey creation, social media and much much more.

Blog Post with full details -

Also, you can find the recorded webinar here -

Any questions, feel free to reach out to us:

Awesome Google Stuff (grants, google apps, mobile awareness)

Project Assistance Tools

Team Collaboration Tools

Infographic & Design Tools

Mobile Infographic & Design Tools

Learning Design

Video Creation Tools

Tool Creation Tools

Survey Creation Tools

Mobile Website Creation Tools

Website Creation Tools

Web Hosting Tools

Fundraising Tools

Social Media Posting and Measurement Tools

Email Tools

Webinar Tools

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Top Free Tools for Nonprofits, Social Impact Organizations, and Small Businesses

  1. 1. Free Tools for Nonprofits …and  social  impact  organiza1ons  J  
  2. 2. Meet Kevin •  •  •  •  •  •  Co-­‐Founder  and  COO  of  Here’s  My  Chance   PSU  Alum   Bearded  For  Winter   Snowboarder,  Pug  Lover  (Lily  -­‐  Team  Mascot),  Tech  Nerd,  SarcasIc  Fella   Shy  Guy  Who  Gets  Stuff  Done   Connect  @kevincolahan  or  
  3. 3. Who is HMC? •  CreaIve  Agency  for   Good  –  Started  in  2011   •  Social  Impact   Storytelling   •  Using  our  creaIvity  to   make  a  posiIve  impact   on  the  planet  is  a  core   mission  and  part  of  our   business  model   •  Contact   •  workwithus@heres   •  @HMCTwit  
  4. 4. Agenda •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  Google  Stuff  (Grants,  Adwords,  Apps,  One  Today,  Youtube)   Project  Assistance  Tools   Team  CollaboraIon  Tools   Infographic  &  Design  Tools   Video  CreaIon  Tools   Tool  CreaIon  Tools   Website  Tools   Web  HosIng  Tools   Fundraising  Tools   Social  Tools   Email  Tools   QuesIons??   #HMC101  
  5. 5. •  Google  Ad  Grants:  Free  AdWords  adver1sing  to  promote  your  website  on   Google  through  keyword  targe1ng.  Up  to  $10,000/month     •  YouTube  Nonprofit  Program:  Premium  branding  capabili1es  on  YouTube   channels,  and  increased  uploading  capacity.     •  Google  Apps  for  Nonprofit:  Free  version  of  the  Google  Apps  business   produc1vity  suite,  including  Gmail,  Docs,  Calendar,  and  more.     •  Google  Earth  Outreach  Grants:  Free  licensing  for  Google  Earth  Pro  and   Maps  API  for  Business.   •  One  Today  by  Google:  Free  access  to  a  mobile  fundraising  plaQorm.      
  6. 6. Agenda Am I Eligible? •  •  •  Based  in  the  U.S,  U.K,  and  Wales  (other  on  an  ad-­‐hoc  basis)   Hold  current  501(c)(3)  status,  as  determined  by  the  U.S.  Internal  Revenue  Service;     Please  note  that  the  following  organiza1ons  are  not  eligible  for  Google  for   Nonprofits:   •  Governmental  en11es  and  organiza1ons;   •  Hospitals  and  health  care  organiza1ons;   •  Schools,  childcare  centers,  academic  ins1tu1ons,  and  universi1es  (philanthropic   arms  of  educa1onal  organiza1ons  are  eligible).  To  learn  more  about  Google's   programs  for  educa1onal  ins1tu1ons,  visit  Google  in  Educa1on.   Sign  up  Here  -­‐  h_p://  
  7. 7.   •  Donate  bu_on  for  viewers  to  directly   contribute  to  the  cause  right  from  YouTube   videos     •  Community  forum  to  connect  with  fellow  non-­‐ profits     •  Live  Streaming  for  events,  conferences,  and   repor1ng     Youtube  Nonprofit  Program          
  8. 8. h_p://   •  Mobile  app  only  available  to  Android  users   •  Add  a  project  (or  mul1ple),  get  connected  with  people/networks  who   donated  to  similar  projects,  and  track  via  metrics   •  Helps  people  learn  about  Nonprofits  and  select  orgs  in  line  with  their  values   •  Amplify  impact  by  matching  friends’  dona1ons   •  Must  be  a  member  of  Google  for  Nonprofits  to  register   •  Increases  online  presence  and  fund  inflow   •  No  fees  associated  J  
  10. 10. •  Grants  of  professional  consul1ng  services,  called  Service  Grants.       •  Pro  bono  by  a  team  of  5-­‐6  business  professionals  who  volunteer  their  1me     h_p://  
  11. 11. Tangible  tools  and  services  valued  at  $45,000  or  more  for  each  project  help  you   deliver  be_er  programs  and  get  more  funding.       Rolling  Applica1ons  on  a  quarterly  basis  for  a  very  wide  variety  of  services   including  annual  reports,  websites,  strategic  analysis,  and  much  more.     Select  a  grant  type  -­‐>  Apply  Online  -­‐>  Get  Selected  for  Interview  -­‐>  Le_er  of   Intent  (Full  process  to  project  comple1on  =  10  months)     Available  in    Chicago,  Los  Angeles,  New  York  City,  San  Francisco,   and  Washington,  D.C.  metro  areas  –  Will  be  expanding  –  no  set  1meline  
  12. 12. VS  
  13. 13. h_p://   -­‐  Brings  together  worthwhile  causes  with   talented  marketers,  innovators,  strategists,   adver1sers,  graphic  designers,  and  web   developers     -­‐  Focused  solely  on  marke1ng   -­‐  More  freedom  of  interac1ons  between   causes  and  poten1al  volunteers  including   direct  messaging     -­‐  More  of  a  social  network   h_ps://   -­‐  Matches  professionals  who  want  to   volunteer  their  skills  with  Nonprofits  who   need  their  help     -­‐  Wider  variety  of  volunteer  types  and  skills     -­‐  More  structured  way  of  pairing   volunteers  with  Nonprofits     -­‐  Jobs  last  3  months  max  with  around  $10K   in  services   -­‐  Loca1on  not  an  issue  
  14. 14. Team collaboration TOOLS
  15. 15. •  Makes  it  easy  to  track  and  collaborate  on  tasks  and  projects  everyday   h_ps://  
  16. 16. Easily  create,  assign,  follow,  and   comment  on  tasks,  so  you  always  know   what's  gemng  done  and  who's  doing  it.     Asana  puts  conversa1ons  and  tasks   together,  so  you  can  go  to  one  place  for   all  the  history  of  the  work.   Instantly  up  to  date     Asana  Inbox  and  no1fica1ons  make  it   effortless  to  stay  on  top  of  the  details   that  ma_er  to  you,  wherever  you  are.    
  17. 17. •  Makes  it  easy  for  anyone  to  organize  a  local  group.     h_p://  
  18. 18. U1lize  this  to  garner  followers,  promote  their  cause  through  another   outlet  of  social  media,  and  market  events  to  locals.    
  19. 19. Infographic & Design Tools
  20. 20. h_p://   Number  of   Layouts   6   12   3   Graphics  Op1ons   Choose  from   more  than  12   graphic  op1ons  to   show  data   Choose  from  10   categories  of   modern  graphics     Very   customizable.    Or,   Pay  $29/month   for  extra  features   Direct  sharing  to   Social  Media?   Yes   Yes   Yes   h_p://   h_p://  
  21. 21. h_p://   Studio    -­‐    Create  designs  or  take  pictures  of  everyday  life,  add  filters  and  effects   and  share  with  your  network   Only  on  Iphone,  but  here  is  similar  Andrioid  App  -­‐  PicLab  HD   h_p://    
  22. 22. Adobe  online  courses  for  crea1ng  and  enhancing  websites.     Among  the  tools  are  Photoshop,  Indesign,  and  Dreamweaver   h_ps://  
  23. 23. Photoshop:  Image  edi1ng     Indesign:  Crea1on  of  posters,  flyers,   brochures,  magazines,  etc.       Dreamweaver:  Crea1ng,  publishing,   and  managing  websites  and  mobile   content.    
  24. 24. Video Creation Tools
  25. 25. Cap1vate,  engage,  and  explain  with  Powtoon’s  free  video  crea1on  tools   h_p://  
  26. 26.   Easy  and  IntuiIve:  Powtoon   provides  all  the  anima1on  and   edi1ng  tools  you’ll  need.     One  Click  Export:  Get  videos  to   YouTube  with  ease.     Product  Demo    
  27. 27. Tool Creation Tools
  28. 28. h_p://   Wordle:  Creates  “word   clouds”.   h_p://   TwtPoll:  enables  nonprofits  to   create  polls  that  can  be  shared   on  Twi_er  or  any  other  social   network.    Non-­‐profits  can  view   sta1s1cs  about  what  1me  people   voted  and  from  what  country.  
  29. 29. Website Tools
  30. 30. Fastest,  most  powerful  way  to  launch  mobile  websites  that  drive  excep1onal   business  results.     h_p://  
  31. 31.  Add  a  mobile  site  to  your  already   exis1ng  plaQorm     Free  version  allows  up  to  10,000   pageviews     Op1mized  for  speed  and  set  up  for   SEO  for  best  results  via  Google/Search   Engines     Dashboard  for  setup     Repor1ng  and  Analy1cs  
  32. 32. Disk  Space   100MB   20MB   Templates   7   94   Blog   Yes   No   Forum   With  a  surcharge   Yes   Stats   With  a  surcharge   Yes   Site  search   Yes   Only  through  Google   Support   With  a  surcharge   Yes   h_p://   h_p://  
  33. 33. Web Hosting Tools
  34. 34. Although  it  is  not  free,  Host  Gator  Is  “prac1cally  synonymous  with     cheap,  reliable  web  hos1ng”,  making  it  an  invaluable  investment  for  any   organiza1on  needing  a  website.    -­‐   h_p://  
  35. 35. -­‐Unlimited  Disk  Space   -­‐Unlimited  Bandwidth   $100  Google  Adwords  Offer   -­‐4500  Free  Website  Templates   $3.96/  month     Few  other  op1ons  are  Weebly  and  Wix,  so  check  them  out  too!  
  36. 36. Fundraising Tools
  37. 37. VS   Fundly  and  Rally  are  both  Fundraising  tools.  They  are  both  user  based  plaQorms   that  thrive  on  the  social  connec1ons  of  donors.   h_ps://   h_ps://  
  38. 38. Payment   Op1ons   Pay  as  you  go:   Flat  fee:     4.9%  +  3%   5.75%   Credit  Card   Fees   Facebook  App   Yes   Integra1on  w/ social  Plug-­‐ins   Donor  Mini-­‐ pages   No   Yes   Credit  Card  fees   Extra   Included     Rally:  Has  its  own  funds   processing  capabili1es.     Fundly:  Claims  to  raise  52%   more  funds  through  their   method  of  social  media   integra1on     Rally:  One  of  lowest   payment  processing  %  
  39. 39. Social Tools
  40. 40.  is  a  plaQorm  that  enables  chari1es,  nonprofits,  and  NGOs  to  increase   their  social  media  reach.     h_p://  
  41. 41. Supporters  can  donate  a  tweet  or  status   update  to  benefit  your  cause.     Only  one  tweet  per  cause  per  day     Easy  sign  up  and  approval  process     Messages  can  be  managed  by  causes  of   what  will  be  sent  out  
  42. 42. Helps  with  various  sharing,  networking,  monitoring  and  analyzing  tools.   h_p://  
  43. 43. •  Improve  produc1vity  by  managing  all     social  networks  within  HootSuite.         •  Maintain  control  over  Twi_er,  Facebook,   LinkedIn,  Google+,  and  more  from  one  hub.     •  Message  Scheduling   •  Up  to  5  Social  Profiles        
  44. 44. The  first  crowd-­‐speaking  plaQorm  that  helps  people  be   heard  by  saying  something  together.   h_ps://  
  45. 45.   Get  enough  people  to  support  your  message  through  the     Thunderclap  website  and  they'll  all  tweet/facebook  it  out  at  once.     “Successful  Thunderclaps  require  passionate  people  that  believe   in  an  idea  and  message  they  want  heard.  We  amplify  their  passion    and  help  their  message  resonate  farther”    -­‐Hashem  Bajwa,  CEO  of  De-­‐De      
  46. 46. h_p://   Measure  the  reach  of  a  campaign  or  hashtag  
  47. 47. Discover  and  share  content  based  on  your  interests  and   audience   h_p://     •  Social  Login  through  Facebook/Twi_er  to  pick  up  your  interests  and  interests   of  your  followers     •  Ability  to  select  keywords  that  are  associated  with  your  cause  and  your   interests  (technology,  sustainability,  Philadelphia  educa1on,  etc)   •  Up  to  2  accounts  with  FREE  version   •  Daily  email  of  recommended  content  to  push  and  a  dashboard  of  sugges1ons   •  Recommended  hashtags  to  add  to  post        
  48. 48. h_ps://   Connect  all  of  your  services  and  get  insights  on  your  data   all  in  one  loca1on     •  Social  Login  through  Facebook/Twi_er  to  pick  up  your  interests  and  interests   of  your  followers        
  49. 49. Email Tools
  50. 50. Mail  service  provider     More  than  4  million  people     MailChimp  is  free  for  lists  of  up  to  2,000  subscribers.   h_p://  
  51. 51. Smart  Emailing.    MailChimp’s  email  designer  makes  it  easy  to  add  content  and  collaborate   on  emails  that  fit  your  brand.         -­‐Gather  informa1on  from  readers  on  a  signup  form,  and  send  them  to  newsle_ers  they   care  about  with  segmenta1on.    In  addi1on,  add  notes  to  create  campaigns  that  suit   specific  readers.         -­‐MailChimp  includes  revenue  reports  to  monitor  ac1vity,  meet  goals,  and  set  new  ones.    
  52. 52. Thank you for your time… Questions?
  53. 53. SUP? SUP? @ @ @ @