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Yukti 2010 Quiz Prelims


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Yukti 2010 Quiz Prelims Q & A s

Yukti 2010 Quiz Prelims

  1. 1. Business Quiz - Prelims
  2. 2. Business Quiz - Prelims Prelims Ground Rules Open to all participants Two members per team Total no of questions: 25 5 points for each question 5 teams will be selected for finals based on score Reservation for B Schools Inbuilt tie breakers Quiz Master’s decision is final
  3. 3. Business Quiz - Prelimsuestion Q 1 This business group was found by lawyer turned locksmith . This group supplied 1.7 million ballot boxes for independent India’s first general elections in a few days in 1951 and produced the first animal fat – free soap, in 1918. Identify this business group.
  4. 4. Business Quiz - Prelimsuestion Q 1 Answer
  5. 5. Business Quiz - Prelimsuestion Q 2 Rohan Shravan and Rohit Rathi – Founders of Hyderabad based start up Notion Ink, has come up with a tablet PC that is positioned against Apple Inc’s much hyped ipad. This tablet PC runs on Google’s Android Version 2.1 What is the name of this tablet PC ?
  6. 6. Business Quiz - Prelimsuestion Q 2 Answer ADAM
  7. 7. Business Quiz - Prelimsuestion Q 3 Parthasarathy Temple in Triplicance, Chennai Dhandayuthapani Temple in Vadapalani, Chennai Kapaleeswarar Temple in Mylapore , Chennai These 3 temples were in the news recently. Why ?
  8. 8. Business Quiz - Prelimsuestion Q 3 Answer Applied for ISO 9000: 2008 (ISO 9001 : 2008 is a world class quality management systems for companies / organizations which have an objective to improve customer satisfaction )
  9. 9. Business Quiz - Prelimsuestion Q 4 Who owns “ Y Not Studios ” ?. The person in question has strong links to Madurai.
  10. 10. Business Quiz - Prelimsuestion Q 4 Answer Dayanidhi Azhagiri ( Son of Mr. M.K. Azhagiri, Union Minister for Chemicals and Fertilizers)
  11. 11. Business Quiz - Prelimsuestion Q 5 SRK had to dump the Kolkata Knight Riders - Lux Cozi endorsement deal recently on "moral" grounds. With which infamous murder case is this deal associated with?
  12. 12. Business Quiz - Prelimsuestion Q 5 Answer Rizwanur Murder Case (The prime accused Ashok Todi’s Family owns Lux Cozi )
  13. 13. Business Quiz - Prelimsuestion Q 6 Which famous Indian car brand (that got into controversy recently) is marketed as Pixo in European market by Nissan?
  14. 14. Question 6 Answer Maruti A-Star
  15. 15. Question 7 This has got two fine dining restaurants – Mayur Mahal and Rang Mahal. Guests can also enjoy the Rajah Club, a bar lounge complete with game tables. Those looking to pick up souvenirs can hop into Treasure Chest - the gift shop. What are we talking about ?
  16. 16. Question 7 Answer Maharajas’ Express is being operated by Royale Indian Rail Tours Ltd (RIRTL), a joint venture between a leading travel agency and the Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC)
  17. 17. Question 8 Which company is considering to shift its registered office to Jamnagar ?
  18. 18. Question 8 Answer Reliance Industries
  19. 19. Question 9 Teen Patti - The recently released Amitabh & Ben Kingsley movie was produced by one of the well known business families in India. Name them?
  20. 20. Question 9 Answer The Hinduja Family Produced by Ambika Hinduja
  21. 21. Question 10 “ Think Hatke ” Whose tagline is this ?
  22. 22. Question 10 Answer
  23. 23. Question 11 In a record of sorts, this celebrity who started the endorsement journey in 1993 with Cola for 17 Lakhs has ended up with a plump 35 Crore deal recently. Name the celebrity.
  24. 24. Question 11 Answer Aamir Khan
  25. 25. Question 12 Identify this personality.
  26. 26. Question 12 Answer R.Balki of Lowe (Director of Cheeni Kum and Paa)
  27. 27. Question 13 Identify this company. This company has strong connections with Madurai.
  28. 28. Question 13 Answer Coats India (Madura Coats)
  29. 29. Question 14 Their logo is called as Muscle Man and was created by legendary Ad maker Alyque Padamse. Name the company.
  30. 30. Question 14 Answer
  31. 31. Question 15 Identify this famous company.
  32. 32. Question 15 Answer
  33. 33. Question 16 Ms. Turquotte was born in Hong Kong and Mattel launched Barbie dolls modelled on her in India. She is the latest one to join the endorsement bandwagon for one of the famous soap brand. How do we know her better ?
  34. 34. Question 16 Answer Katrina Kaif ( Endorsing new Lux Purple Lotus and Cream soap )
  35. 35. Question 17 INR : Indian Rupee USD : US Dollars HKD : Hong Kong Dollars THB : Thai Baht AED : ?
  36. 36. Question 17 Answer AED : United Arab Emirates Dirham
  37. 37. Question 18 Name the bollywood celebrities who teamed up with Videocon to bid for Pune IPL team.
  38. 38. Question 18 Answer Saif Ali Khan & Kareena Kapoor
  39. 39. Question 19 Topeka, the capital city of US state of Kansas has changed its name temporarily to a well known brand / company. Topeka is test hub for a high-speed broadband network being built by this company. Name the company/brand.
  40. 40. Question 19 Answer Google (Kansas Capital would be known as Google - Test hub for a high speed broadband network being built by Google )
  41. 41. Question 20 Survival International, a London-based NGO, has appealed to James Cameron to lend his support in fighting against X ( a well known company) from setting up its Aluminum plant in Orissa. Survival has appealed by trying to draw parallels between the super hit movie Avatar and the condition of the Dongria Kondh tribe in Orissa. Name the company X in the center of this controversy.
  42. 42. Question 20 Answer Vedanta Resources (Sterlite Industries)
  43. 43. Question 21 Identify this non-commercial logo.
  44. 44. Question 21 Answer
  45. 45. Question 22 This is the cover page of the book released by an inspiring entrepreneur. Identify the title of this book and its author.
  46. 46. Question 22 Answer
  47. 47. Question 23 Karnataka and Maharashtra Govt have jointly applied for GI (Geographical Indication ) tag for this product ,that will ensure that there are not any copies of the native product. This product is widely used during marriage ceremonies and goes well with traditional costumes. Which product is being referred here ?
  48. 48. Question 23 Answer Kolhapuri Chappals
  49. 49. Question 24 Name the famous film distribution company associated with “ My Name is Khan ”.
  50. 50. Question 24 Answer
  51. 51. Question 25 Identify this logo associated with entertainment industry.
  52. 52. Question 25 Answer Balaji Telefilms
  53. 53. Produced by Vivek Ramp