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Reisebericht Reinhardt, Keil - Nov 2012 HR/HU


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Reisebericht Reinhardt, Keil - Nov 2012 HR/HU

  1. 1. „Azubi – Europa“ Internship calendary Croatia / Hungary 05.11.2012 – 16.11.2012 by Sarah Reinhardt and Matthias Keil apprentice for business assistant in 2. year This Project is co-financed by the European Union (ESF) and the Federal State Saxony-Anhalt
  2. 2. Content • Facts about Croatia • Arrival in Rijeka • Crotian Chamber of Economy • Tourism Office Rijeka • University of Rijeka • Podravka in Koprivnica • Facts about Hungary • Project work • Szamos Marcipán in Esztergom • Hungarian Parliament in Budapest • „Scavenger Hunt“ in Budapest • Mavir • Andrássy Universität Budapest • Mol Group • AHK Hungary • Vocational school for economics „Varga István“ • Departure in Budapest
  3. 3. Facts about Croatia Capital: Zagreb Population: 4.480.043 Area: 56.542 km² Currency: Kuna Neighboring countries: Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia
  4. 4. Arrival in Rijeka Our group consisted of 14 students of the vocational school “Friedrich List”. We flew from Leipzig via Stuttgart to Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. In the afternoon we reached our Destination Rijeka.
  5. 5. Croatian Chamber of Economy We were informed about the tasks and activities of the chamber and the importance of Enterprise Europe Network. The experts of EEN can help for SME s to find international business partners, source new technologies and receive EU funding or finance for free of charge. The mission of the chamber is to represent the interests of their members and they are also reponsible for foreign investment and trade.
  6. 6. Tourism Office Rijeka We got a lot of information about the city Rijeka for our city tour. Rijeka is the third biggest city in Croatia. It is a habor – most important in Croatia - town and has more than 100 000 inhabitants.
  7. 7. University of Rijeka The University of Rijeka have 19200 students, 1630 employee and 48 majors. A student can enrol either as a full-time or part-time student. The cost of full-time study in part or completely subsidized from the state budget. Most of the students stay after finishing their studies in the region.
  8. 8. Project work To be prepared for the appointments and to improve our business English we played role-play. In the second part we analyzed and prepared our presentations about our company tasks.
  9. 9. Podravka is enlisted among the leading food companies in the Middle East Europe Region. It has two core businesses: food & beverages and pharmaceuticals. They export in more than 50 countries (amongst others: Germany, USA , Great Britain) Vegeta (mixed seasonings from vegetables and herbs) is the most popular product in the MEE Countries and leading food brands in the region. The biggest competitor is Dr. Oetker. We had the possibility to visit the saltsticks production in Koprivnica and learned a lot about the marketing activities of the company.
  10. 10. Facts about Hungary Capital: Budapest Population: 9.967.000 Area: 93.036 km² Currency: Forint Neighboring countries: Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Ukraine and Slovakia
  11. 11. Project work We learned amongst others about economy, history and custom and tradition of the visited countries, business English, intercultural communication and practiced some situation with role plays further more we completed our company tasks. On the last day we wrote a test.
  12. 12. Szamos is one of the most famous chocolate manufacturer in Hungary. We saw how chocolate was traditionally produced: Hot liquid chocolate was poured on a cold marble plate. In the process of cooling down the temperature the chocolate needs to be in move. When the right temperature has reached, the chocolate can be formed into little pralines
  13. 13. Hungarian Parliament in Budapest It is the biggest parliament in Europe. The building includes 10 courtyards, 13 passenger and freight elevators, 27 gates, 29 staircases and 691 rooms. More than half a million ornamental stones were carved for wall decoration. 40 kg of 22-23 Karat gold were used for decoration. We saw the Holy Crown of Hungary. It is considered one of the city s landmark and the biggest building in Hungary
  14. 14. „Scavenger Hunt“ in Budapest We were divided in groups and had to find different cultural sights and monuments in the city and took pictures of our group in front of the sights/attractions. Heroes square With Anonymous at Vajdahunyad-castle MÜPA The castle Statue of Liberty
  15. 15. Mavir Zrt. Hungarian Transmission System Operator Company Ltd. • provides for reliable, efficient and secure operation of the Hungarian Power system; • controls and augments the assets of the transmission system, performs any renewal, maintenance and development works; • ensures the undisturbed operation and further extension of the electricity market and of the balancing group system supporting the market, furthermore ensures access on equal terms for system users; • synchronizes the operation of the Hungarian Power System with neighboring systems; • MAVIR monitors the expected changes of domestic electricity consumption.
  16. 16. • • • • • • International and Hungarian institution for higher education first german-speaking university out of Germany Field of study: history, law, politics, economy Students from 25 different nations University lecturer and students work close together You can chose between different language courses I
  17. 17. We had the possibility to learn about development and major business units, as well as international importance and role of the marketing of the largest Hungarian company and Mineral oil producer MOL The group retails about 1600 gas stations in ten countries and refineries in Italy, Croatia, Hungary and Slovakia and has over 31thousands employees.
  18. 18. DUIHK - Hungary What we have learned about the chamber: • is a voluntary organization of about 900 companies committed to strengthening and broadening the economic ties between Germany and Hungary. • DUIHK provides a multitude of platforms for direct company contacts, • offers a wide range of information and business services and advocates its members' interests towards political decision makers. • offers a forum for its members to establish business and social contacts and to share individual experiences with others • supports companies – members and non-members as well – which want to expand in foreign markets with customized services and solutions
  19. 19. Vocational school for economics „Varga István“ We compared the school systems in Hungary and Germany with presentation.
  20. 20. Departure in Budapest We traveled from Budapest to Berlin by plane and from Berlin to Halle by ICE.
  21. 21. Thank you for your attention! 