Virtualizing Business Critical Apps


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Benefits of virtualizing business critical applications

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Virtualizing Business Critical Apps

  1. 1. Virtualizing Business Critical Applications © 2010 VMware Inc. All rights reserved
  2. 2. Agenda Introduction Virtualization Benefits for Applications • Efficiency : Reduce App Costs • Agility : Improve App Quality of Service • Freedom: Accelerate Application Lifecycle2
  3. 3. Introduction3
  4. 4. Applications Are a Key Milestone in The Virtualization Journey COST EFFICIENCY QUALITY OF SERVICE BUSINESS AGILITY Stage IT Production Business Production IT as a Service (ITaaS) SponsorshipBusiness Value Virtualize business-critical Basic consolidation for Self-service provisioning applications for higherKey Capabilities Infrastructure workloads for faster application availability and better (file, print, …) lifecycle service levels Tipping Point Requires business-critical apps 4
  5. 5. The Trend Is Clear… % of Application Instances running on VMware in Customer Base 53% 43% 42% 38% 25% 25% 18% MS MS Oracle Oracle MS SQL XenApp SAP Exchange SharePoint Middleware DB Source: VMware customer survey, January 2010, sample size 1038 Data: Total number of instances of that workload deployed in your organization and the percentage of those instances that are virtualized In a recent Gartner poll, 93% respondents used x86 virtualization for applications in production Source: Gartner Data Center Poll 2009 “2009 Data Center Poll Results for Virtualization Initiatives” , 9 March 20105
  6. 6. Debunking Common Myths: Performance >95% of apps match or exceed native performance on VMware vSphere VMware Virtual Machines scale very well  8 vCPUs and 255 GB of memory  Small overhead (typically 2% to 10%) Hosts scale better when virtualized  Use all those cores (32 cores and up)  Double server capacity for Exchange Performance benchmarks set the standards 8,900 concurrent TPC-C transaction “Better than physical” results for SPECweb2005 World-record TPC-H performance6
  7. 7. Debunking Common Myths: ISV Support / Licensing ISV Support Majority of large ISVs support VMware  Microsoft, SAP and IBM have clear-cut support statements  Oracle – contrary to common perception – does provide support for vSphere Licensing Licensing costs often reduced  “Per vCPU” licensing: pay only for what you use  “Physical processor” licensing: consolidate licenses on shared cluster7
  8. 8. Experienced App Owners Recognize the Benefits of VirtualizingEfficiency thru Cut infrastructure and software license costs Reduce AppUtilization and Costs  Achieve 5X - 10X server Automation consolidation for large apps  Increase license utilization Maximize availability and service levels Agility with Improve App  Provide cost-effective HA and Control Quality of Service simple DR for all apps  Scale dynamically to ensure SLAs Benefits of cloud computing for legacy apps Freedom of Accelerate  Reduce provisioning times Choice App Lifecycle from weeks to minutes  Self-service provisioning8
  9. 9. Migrating Oracle 10g from UNIX to vSphere OnCourse Application 125,000 total users 12,000 concurrent users“We have been able to virtualize our most demanding Oracle Databases on x86 servers. We now have the confidence that vSphere can handle our largest transaction-processing databases with ease.” Rob Lowden IBM pSeries x86 Director of IT Indiana University 9 Power5 Cores 8 virtual CPUs 100% utilized 50% utilized9
  10. 10. Virtualization Benefits for Applications Efficiency: Reduce App Costs10
  11. 11. Ideal Platform for DB Consolidation 1 Fast consolidation with P2VLegacy DB  Increase performance! 2 Preserve isolation in VM SQL  OS isolation  DB isolation  Security isolation SQL SQL SQL SQL SQL SQL SQL SQL 3 Guarantee resources  Reservations  Priorities  Maximums 4 Load balance across nodes  VMotion  DRS 11
  12. 12. Consolidate Your Software Licenses SQL Server 2008 R2 Consolidation Example SQL SQL SQL SQL SQL SQL SQL SQL SQL SQL SQL SQL SQL SQL SQL SQL 8 servers 2 servers 16 processors / licenses 4 processors / licenses $600K $596K $600K $500K SA >70% cost $500K $400K reduction $400K $300K 16 Enterprise $300K Edition licenses $200K $200K $158K SA $100K $100K 4 licenses 8 servers 2 servers12
  13. 13. Fully Utilize Multi-Core Servers More servers!? That new server I But my app Exch 5 Exch 6 Exch 7 Exch 8 gave you has 64 only scales to cores! 4 cores 64 cores per server Exch 1 Exch 2 Exch 3 Exch 4 New servers have 64 cores, but how many cores does your app scale to? Average app: 4 cores Exchange: 12 cores SQL: 32 cores Solution: Run multiple app instances per server13
  14. 14. Virtualization Benefits for Applications Agility: Improve App Quality of Service14
  15. 15. It’s Not Just About Saving Money… Improve Quality of Service and Accelerate Application Lifecycle “When you add it all up, it just makes sense to run applications like Exchange on VMware VMs instead of physical boxes.”“It’s not just about saving money on hardware, but also about simplifying things Harvey Warren like application provisioning, maintenance, Infrastructure Analyst high availability and disaster recovery. EDS Thanks to VMware, my wife and kids see me more often.” Dirk Holzwarth “We can give our end users a virtual Team Leader machine in half an hour, when it Alstom’s VMware Infrastructure Center takes two to three weeks to spec out, order, and set up a physical one.” Bill Frost Senior IS Engineer Boise Inc.15 15
  16. 16. Scale Apps Dynamically to Ensure Service Levels 1 vCPU 4 vCPU Hot-Add Capacity 2 GB 64 GB Dynamic VMotion to More Scaling Powerful Host Provision Additional App Instance in Minutes16
  17. 17. Transforming Availability Service Levels – DB Example DB Mirroring / RAC Hardware Failure Tolerance Continuous VMotion VMware FT Automated (Planned Downtime) Restart Microsoft Clustering / Data Guard VMware HA Unprotected 0% 10% 100% Application Coverage  Clustering too complex and expensive for most applications  VMware HA and FT provide simple, cost-effective availability  VMotion provides continuous availability against planned downtime17
  18. 18. Reliable Disaster Recovery for All Applications Automate manual disaster runbooks Simplify with centralized management of recovery plans Ensure fast and reliable failover with fully tested, simple recovery plans 18
  19. 19. Right-Size Applications Capacity Management VM Profiling Capacity Modeling Virtual Datacenter Plan  Forecast timing of capacity shortfalls and needs  Perform “What-If” impact analysis to model effect of capacity changes  Identify and reclaim unused capacity19
  20. 20. Monitor and Control Service Levels End-user Policies (SLA) Infrastructure 99.9% Uptime 100 ms latency App .01% error rate Web DB App Automatically map services to infrastructure Monitor service levels and identify bottlenecks to troubleshoot problems Size infrastructure dynamically to meet SLA cost-effectively 20
  21. 21. Virtualization Benefits for Applications Freedom: Accelerate Application Lifecycle21
  22. 22. Provision vApps On-Demand Packaged App (e.g. SharePoint) Production Custom vApp Web APP DB OS OS OS  Standardize on optimal OS / app configurations  Provision in minutes  Minimize configuration drift and errors22
  23. 23. Streamline Testing with Snapshots and Clones 4 3 Test Production Run more Move changestests faster into production Web APP DB 2 1 Web APP DB OS OS OS Exact copy of Archive for OS OS OS vApp production fast roll-back vApp Web APP DB OS OS OS vApp  Faster testing  More accurate testing on exact production copy  Lower cost testing infrastructure 23
  24. 24. Fast, Self-Service Access With Private Cloud Users24
  25. 25. Get Started… Visit us on the web to learn more on specific apps • Best Practices, Reference Architectures, and Case Studies • List of trained partners on our application virtualization best practices • Microsoft Apps (Exchange, SQL, SharePoint) • Oracle • SAP Check out the VMTN user communities • Email (Exchange, Lotus, BlackBerry) • Oracle Reach out to a VMware account rep or your VMware Partner25