Goa activation 2012


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Presentation used in 2012, to attract partners for No Garbage float, during the Goa Carnival in 2012.

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Goa activation 2012

  1. 1. Viva Carnival!!• Activation Campaign• -The Gipsy Cafe
  2. 2. Mission Statement• To create a social media campaign using an on-groundactivity during the Goa Carnival
  3. 3. Market Summary• The Goa Carnival is the most popular open event in Goa,attracting a crowd of over 2000, including locals, touristsand press.• Online coverage of this event, though scanty, is eagerlyawaited by online viewers , as seen by a spike of nearly 30times the average, on Google Search, with hits rangingfrom Haryana to Tamil Nadu to Uttar Pradesh.
  4. 4. Target User Group Profile• Todays individual is well travelled, usually more oninternet than by foot.• They are influenced more by their online friends, ratherthan those around them.• Campaigns present online, therefore have more impactthan any purely below the line campaign.• In places like Mumbai, the exposure to online campaignsare much higher, considering that actual non-work travelis minimal.
  5. 5. Target Customer Group Profile• Brands and therefore companies, are looking for ways toreach out to the consumer, by projecting themselves asmore socially responsible.• They are trying to seek avenues whereby consumerslook at these brands as individuals trying to make adifference.• One example is the Jaago Re campaign by Tata Tea.
  6. 6. Opportunities• Problems: Conduct of campaigns such as IFFI, due tonon-local participation, do not really penetrate the localGoan population, hence have no access to the typicalonline network, which most Goans currently possess inIndia.• Duration: The carnival is for three days from the 18th ofFebruary to the 21st of February starting from the Pattobridge in Panjim.
  7. 7. Competition• Preliminary study, shows no real high impact campaignduring the Goa Carnival.• In 2011, major brands which participated in the carnivalinclude United Breweries, Nestlés Maggi noodles andLG.• Despite sponsorship, online coverage of these brands atthe carnival is negligible.
  8. 8. Reach out strategy• The way we reach out to our target group, is byenhanced visibility at the carnival and through theinternet.• The target is to reach a global audience over six months.
  9. 9. Goals and Objectives• The overall objective is to be the trending topic onTwitter globally during the Carnival.• Phase 1: Launch of dance classes for normal people tojoin and be trained.• Phase 2: Design of the song and the float for thecarnival.• Phase 3: Launch of the mobile application for thecarnival.• Phase 4: Develop reports based on informationcollected, for related geographies.• Phase 5: Use user information regarding traffic patterns,to increase further hits and harvest for furthercampaigns.
  10. 10. Goals and Objectives• The aim is to turn a three day on-ground Goa Carnivalinto an viral online campaign lasting six months.
  11. 11. Financial Plan• Costs• Training costs are INR 2,000 per person.• Float creation and design costs are INR 1,00,000.
  12. 12. Financial Plan• Reach during the carnival: 2000• Press reach during the carnival: 10,000• Online reach in the first month: 1,00,000• Online reach in the second month: 3,00,000• Online reach in the third month: 6,00,000• Online reach in the fourth month: 12,00,000• Online reach in the fifth month: 24,00,000• Online reach in the sixth month: 50,00,000
  13. 13. Team Profile• P.R. and Content development• P.R. Expert: Farrel De Souza has immense expertise inanalysing data and conversion of data as per clientneeds.• Technology• Mobile Application Expert: Prajyot Mainkar hasimmense expertise in developing software for theAndroid platform and developing Androcid – India’s FirstAndroid Community Chat Blog and Dedicated AndroidBlog.• Web Application Expert: Rina Gosar has immenseexperience in developing web platforms for a variety ofbrands in India and abroad. She has worked in thisregard, for companies such as MapmyIndia andBCWebwise.
  14. 14. Team Profile• Services• Werner Egipsy Souza has worked in various industriessuch as mobile software, online and mobile advertising,location data solutioning and consumer device selling,home automation and education.• Varsha Chowdhury is founder and director of EtoileDance Academy, which specializes in Free Style, LatinAmerican and Modern Ballroom dance styles. With 10+years of experience in this field, she has also beenassociated with Shiamak Davar ‘s Institute of PerformingArts as an assistant instructor for 2 years.
  15. 15. Key Issues• Near term• Possibility of a competitor taking away the first moveradvantage.• Long term• Development of a strong web analytical engine at a costof INR 6,00,000 per year .• Possibility of a competitor taking away the first moveradvantage.
  16. 16. Thank you!-Werner Egipsy Souza