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Denture Repair & Implant at Glasgow Denture Studio


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Check out all types of denture repair and denture implants available in medical history. Glasgow Denture Studio provides all of them with unique, high quality and extra-ordinary services. Check out for detailed information.

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Denture Repair & Implant at Glasgow Denture Studio

  1. 1. Denture Repair & Implant
  2. 2. Dentures – A reason behind a  million people's smiles • Restores your youthful appearance • Enables you to speak more clearly • May even improve digestion • Freedom to Eat What You Want • Specific to You to make you comfortable • Reduces Sagging Facial Muscles
  3. 3. Thing to know about dentures • Overnightsoakingcankill99.9percentofdenturegerms • Forpatientswhosufferfromdrymouth,contaminateddenturesposepotentialhealthrisks • Olderpatients-withorwithoutdentures-havehigherbacterialcountsintheirmouths • Partialandfullacrylicdentureshavesurfacepores • Cleanyourdenturesatleasttwiceaday • Avoidusingproductsthatcandamagedentures • Lifestylechangescanhelptopreventdenturestaining • Haveanightcareroutineforyourdentures • GlasgowDentureStuidocanhelpyouwithdenturehygiene
  4. 4. Gold Teeth For centuries, man has always had a true fascination of gold. At Glasgow Denture Studio, youcan selectfrom a whole range ofgold teeth featuringengravings, bespoke designs or precious stones attached to them. Gold teeth are used in modern dentistry, and particularlygold,hasbeenusedforlotsofdifferentreasons. •Itissafefromtheriskofcorrosion, •Goldmakesanexcellentcavityfillingmaterial •Goldteethmakeyoustandout •GoldTeethcanprovideyouwiththatextraspeciallook. •Aestheticallypleasing
  5. 5. Denture Repair GlasgowDentureStudiouseslatesttechnologyandadvancedtechniquesfordenturerepair.Dentures andtheirteethcanbecomedamagedorbrokenduetoawholehostofreasons. Thereare2waysoffixingthedentures: •Repairfractureddentures •Replacemissingorbrokenteethonaexistingunits Pleasedon'tusesuperglueonabrokendentureasthiscandisintegratetheacrylicmakingitimpossibletohaveadenturerepairwithanyaccuracy,whichisessentialforyourcomfort.
  6. 6. Denture Products & Services Acrylic Dentures Acrylic Dentures are recommended for filling gaps or to replace all the missing teeth from upper and lower dentures, especially for those who are morepricesensitive. Flexible Dentures This alternative of fixed dentures called "soft dentures", solve the problem of the hard denture surface rubbing against the soft tissue in your mouth the way acrylic denturesdo.
  7. 7. Denture Products & Services Chrome Dentures ChromeDenturesaremadefromcastmetalandconsideredofallthedifferenttypesofdentureto be the one most suited to being used as a permanent partial denture because it is one of the strongestavailablemetalsthatdoesnotirritatethemouth. Gold Inlays Gold inlays are the best alternative to those mercury amalgam inlays or for dental restorations. Whist gold inlays is by far the safest, and oldest in use it is also one of the typesofapplicationthathasthebestlongevity. Metal Dentures
  8. 8. Denture Products & Services Valplast Dentures Valplastdenturesblendinwithyourgumsandappearinvisibletothenakedeye.Thisisundoubtedlybecausethereare nounsightlymetalclaspsandtheactualflexibleValplastpartialdentureitselfblendinwithyourmouthssofttissue making them almost impossible to detect asthey are extremely comfortablebecausetheyare lightweightand very flexiblewhichimprovestheirmovementwithinthemouthduetotheirflexiblenature. Complete Dentures Many people have problems with their natural teeth for a whole variety of reasons and believe that if they have all their teeth removed and get a set of complete dentures, their problemswillbesolved.Youprobablyknowsomepeoplewithafullsetofdenturesthathave noproblemsatall.
  9. 9. Denture Products & Services Duplicate Dentures Duplicate dentures are exact copies of your current denture giving you a backup set should somethinghappens toyourexistingonesoryouhaveanemergencyandthey getbroken.Duplicate denturesarecosteffective. Soft Lining Dentures SoftLinersaremadefromasoftpolymermaterialwhichisthenappliedtothehardbaseofyour dentures.Softlinerswithinsoftliningactasatypeofcushion,whichyoumaynotrealiseit.
  10. 10. Denture Products & Services Porcelain Dentures Thesedurableandhighqualitydenturesareprostheticsthatfitoveryourgumsreplacing themissingteeth.Porcelaindenturescanbeusedonboththeupperandlowerjawandare regularlyusedinpartialdentures.Alotofpeoplechooseporcelaindenturesbecausethey arefinishedtolooklikeyourownteethandgovirtuallyundetected. Gum Shields Gum shields to protect your teeth whilst taking part in sporting activities, especially contactsports.Gumshieldsaresometimesknownasmouthguardsandshouldbewornwhile participating in any contact sport as well as extreme sports to protect your teeth from accidents.
  11. 11. GlasgowDentureStudio.Co.Uk Union Street Practice 111UnionStreet Glasgow G13TA Phone:01412273999 Shawlands Practice 1139PollokshawsRoad Shawlands Glasgow G413YH. Phone:01416498377 Dennistoun Practice 643DukeStreet Dennistoun Glasgow G311QA. Phone:01415501234 Oban Practice 1BCombieStreet Oban PA344HN Tel:01631566631