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Best Practice For Entrepreneurial Ecosystems


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Best Practice For Entrepreneurial Ecosystems

  1. 1. Dr. Christopher Hentschel Ulysses Advisory Group Best Practices: Entrepreneurial Ecosystems around the World
  2. 2. Ulysses Advisory Group Basic Research Translational Research Product Development Public-Private Ecosystems Optimize Healthcare R&D Image here. Always this height, but width can vary Neither the public nor the private sectors alone can Deliver optimal healthcare R&D. But together there is the potential for enormous synergy and progress. Examples 1: MRC , London UK; Example 2: MMV, Geneva (backup)
  3. 3. Public Goods Common Goods Private Goods Ulysses Advisory Group Public-Private Partnerships Optimize R&D productivity, particularly where incentives are needed for the private sector to engage Universities >>>> PPPs >>>>>> Industry PPPs help mitigate the ‘Valley of Death’ Phenomenon
  4. 4. • Rickets caused by lack of vitamin D (1916) • Discovery and development of penicillin (1940s) • Pioneered randomised controlled trial design (1940s) • Structure of DNA (1950s) • Discovery of link between smoking and cancer (1950s) • Clinical trials for radiotherapy for cancer (1960s) • Chemotherapy for leukaemia and monoclonal antibodies (1970s) • Invention of DNA fingerprinting (1980s) • Gene for Huntington’s disease discovered (1990s) • Humanised therapeutic antibodies in widespread use (2000s) • 22 Nobel prizes have been awarded to MRC-supported scientists • MRC Collaborative Centre (1987) > MRCT + MVM (2000 – Present) MRC discoveries and developments Ulysses Advisory Group
  5. 5. Ulysses Advisory Group NIMR 1913 – 2013  Francis Crick Institute (2016)
  6. 6. Ulysses Advisory Group Translation of basic research takes time 1973: Mouse monoclonal antibodies isolated by César Milstein 1986: Michael Neuberger and Greg Winter ‘humanise’ mouse antibodies and develops and the technology for producing antibodies in vitro 2003: MRC-developed Humira® licensed to treat arthritis 2008: 21 monoclonal antibody drugs on market for treating breast cancer, leukaemia, asthma, arthritis, psoriasis and transplant rejection 2011: Antibodies make up 1/3 of new drugs for cancer, arthritis and asthma; global antibody market estimated to be worth $50bn 2016: Bio-similars market developing in emerging economies
  7. 7. Ulysses Advisory Group MRC exploitation results since 1987 • 92 new products and interventions launched, including several ‘blockbusters’. • Creation of 104 companies, 56 formed since 2006. • 578 patents granted since 2006, with around 30% licensed with royalty income >$250m since 2006 • More than 100 new industry collaborations are reported every year • Lead partner in the new European Innovative Medicines Initiative
  8. 8. Ulysses Advisory Group The European Union and the pharmaceutical industry have joined forces to make drug R&D processes in Europe more innovative and efficient, enhance Europe’s competitiveness & address key societal challenges by forming the biggest PPP in Life Science 8 EU Innovative Medicines Initiative:
  9. 9. Ulysses Advisory Group Total IMI SME participants by country United Kingdom Germany France Belgium Netherlands Iceland Spain Denmark Finland Hungary Sweden Italy Austria Ireland
  10. 10. Ulysses Advisory Group Thank You For Your Attention Confidential 10 For more information see
  11. 11. Ulysses Advisory Group Backup Slides: MMV Geneva Confidential 12 For more information see
  12. 12. Ulysses Advisory Group MMV’s mission “Medicines for Malaria Venture is a not-for-profit foundation dedicated to reducing the burden of malaria in disease endemic countries by discovering, developing and delivering new affordable antimalarials through effective public-private partnerships.”
  13. 13. MMV’s global network of R&D
  14. 14. Ulysses Advisory Group Example: MMV’s Synthetic Peroxide Project - an example of International Partnership Project team: University of Nebraska Swiss Tropical Institute Monash University Roche/Basilea Ranbaxy Laboratories + Outsourced Support • Cideim • St George’s Hospital Medical School • Quintiles • Pharmalytics • Inveresk • Unimark • RCC • Fulcrum • Basilea • Cerb • Cerep • Maccine • MDS • ICGEB
  15. 15. Ulysses Advisory Group Joint R&D MMV Input •$$$ •Drug Profile •Background IPR •Link to WHO/Policy •Malaria Expertise Pharma •Chemistry IPR •Toxicology •Know How •Assets in Kind •Technology MMV Gets •Rights in DEC •IPR in ‘Field’ •Drug Supply •Return on non DEC Sales Pharma/Bio Gets •Rights in non DEC •IPR outside ‘Field’ •PR Benefit •HR Benefit •Validation of Technology Public Private Inputs and Outputs of Joint R&D