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Life Sciences Innovation Ecosystems in Turkey


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Life Sciences Innovation Ecosystems in Turkey

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Life Sciences Innovation Ecosystems in Turkey

  1. 1. Işıl Güney, Ph.D. Ulysses Advisory Group Life Sciences Innovation Ecosystem In Turkey
  2. 2. Contents I: Components of an Innovation Ecosystem II: Life Sciences Innovation Ecosystem in Turkey III: How UAG Can Contribute to Innovation in Turkey
  3. 3. Components of an Innovation Ecosystem Part I
  4. 4. Innovation – The Basic Elements Innovation Government Policy Basic and translational research; Development of human talent, entrepreneurship and competition; Immigration policy; Patent policy; Start-up support; Fund and follow- up projects with clear deliverables; Incentivize R&D investment; Stable and consistent policies overall Financial Capital Public funds; Philanthropic funds; Angel funds; Venture capital financing Human Capital Quality of education and access to training resources; Intellectual fulfillment and financial incentives; Opportunity for career development Technology & Knowhow Internal build up and/or import from outside
  5. 5. Life Sciences Innovation Ecosystem in Turkey Part II
  6. 6. Turkey – population 75 million 18th largest economy in the world Production driven, low-medium tech Objective: Transform into a knowledge-based economy for smart growth 2023 Targets Become one of ten largest economies of the world Become a leading country in R&D; raise R&D expenditure from 0.8% to 3% of GDP Health declared priority area Medicines export: 595m TL; import:5b TL (2012) Develop first Turkish drug by 2023 Government Incentives From R&D infrastructure all the way to product marketing, attractive incentives from government agencies, including MoDev, MoSIT, MoEcon, TUBITAK, KOSGEB, TUSEB (2017).
  7. 7. Life Science Innovation Ecosystem in Turkey GOVERNMENT POLICY Strengths Increased R&D Funding (TUBITAK 1964-2003 cumulative 1.8b TL; 2015 3,2b TL) Support Programs (Entrepreneurship; Start-up, incentivizing R&D investment) Support of Establishment of TTOs Support for Establishment of Funds Room for Improvement Continuing efforts already in place; Stability and consistency in policy (innovation and market entry have very long timelines); long-term investment for development of human talent; Patent policy (Bolar exemption); follow-up and follow-on funding
  8. 8. Life Science Innovation Ecosystem in Turkey FINANCIAL CAPITAL Fund of Funds Turkey Investment Fund (TIF) 250m TL Turkish Growth and Innovation Fund (TGIF) 200m Eur Seed Funds (relatively easy to find) EIF-supported DCP and ACT -> commercializing applied research from universities Not enough VC funds- limiting step in startup and scaleup There is no life-science dedicated fund in Turkey- we think this is necessary This is a niche area that requires immense knowhow and expertise
  9. 9. Life Science Innovation Ecosystem in Turkey HUMAN CAPITAL Brain Drain Large number of successful Turkish PhDs opting to work abroad Thousands of Turkish students leave Turkey to receive education; many do not return TUBITAK providing grants to researchers who come back
  10. 10. Life Science Innovation Ecosystem in Turkey HUMAN CAPITAL
  11. 11. Life Science Innovation Ecosystem in Turkey TECHNOLOGY & KNOWHOW Internal Build-Up Organic growth and Buildup (slow) Clusters and consortia as platforms of collaboration: INOVITA, ITAM, ISEK Import Returning Scientists (not nearly enough) TUBITAK-NIH support for R&D collaborations Horizon 2020- supporting international collaborations
  12. 12. Life Science Innovation Ecosystem in Turkey TECHNOLOGY & KNOWHOW GAPS Good ideas in academia but so far no major success stories for innovation in life sciences Technology Transfer- efforts in place but lack of knowhow Commercialization- From bench to the market: Business development; IP management; go-to-market strategy; company formation and team-building; strategic partnerships; financing and exit strategy
  13. 13. How UAG can contribute to innovation in Turkey Part III
  14. 14. Why we are interested in Turkey Sector Potential Strong engineering base, strong scientific diaspora, entrepreneurial drive, government support, much room for growth within an emerging economy Market Potential Geography: Links to Europe, Middle East and Turkic countries Science We come across interesting technologies- good work should not go to waste Our experience tells as it can be done We have contributed to success stories in similar contexts
  15. 15. The Gaps UAG Can Fill in Turkey Innovation Government Policy Policy advice and development focusing on best practices around the globe; Creation of public-private partnerships (discovery research to product) Financial Capital Fundraising (seed through IPO); Fund management; Mergers and Acquisitions Human Capital Talent management; Interim hands-on management during start-up or critical organizational transitions Technology & Knowhow Commercialization: from bench to market; Technology Transfer and Licensing; R&D portfolio management