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Science power point

  1. 1. Science is our future For the World
  2. 2. Science is alive all around us We are all scientists and can help to lead the way for our youth, through curiosity. RHIn scientific work, thosewho refuse to go beyondfact rarely get as far asfact.Thomas Huxley
  3. 3. Students in today’s classrooms have the most unbelievable The opportunities ahead of them; and through Science these dreams can become a reality. Engineers are in every field of Science work all across the world; and Every form of engineering stems from the study of science; giving all students anAwareness opportunity to be successful. RH Program for allstudents at all grade In order to start the SAP we need to help bring Science out of the classroom, and show proof of levels how important science is everyday; by starting and running a district wide Science awareness Program. RH
  4. 4. The Science Awareness ProgramCare enoughto spend thenext 24 hours SAp cAn only get it’S StArt through thoSebelieving in that care enough to insure that alltheir students have a chance to chasefuture, and after their dreams and catch them. Scientists are writers, movie makers,the next 48 diggers, and singers. We all have hadhours showing dreams while exploring; now it is ourthem the turn to provide the same opportunity to our children. Lets give them away, and all change to dig in the dirt, to stay up allthe rest of night counting the stars, to cook This athe days anything up in the kitchen to see the fascinating chemical reaction, let them exploreletting their lifetime, let the woods to discover the creaturesdreams lead we miss when wechildren by. RH the are drivingthem on, and be
  5. 5. • It is funny that men who areLearning the a=F/m supposed to bebasics of scientificScience and cannot getPhysics in themselves to realize thethe class basic principleroom will get of physics, thatstudents W=F*d action andready to reaction areexplore equal and opposite, thatmore than p=F/A when youthe next persecuteequations, t people youhey will always rouse them to bediscover V=d/t strong andtheir future stronger. RHas theirminds runfree.RH D=m/v
  6. 6. Where will Science take us? RH The characteristic of scientific progress is our knowing that we did not know. Gaston Bachelard Into the futureRH
  7. 7. The Childs brain at work• We must rise to the call of a new future for our children, for if we don’t stand behind them, don’t stand in front of them blocking their path.RH• Let the young know how important they really are to the worlds future, we must let them explore and find the truth in every stepRH
  8. 8. REFERANCES• Read more at ds/scientific_2.html#43HvrFWUbgaLLVMt.99• Gertrude Stein Read more at ds/scientific_2.html#43HvrFWUbgaLLVMt.99• ducation/#!cpZZ4QQtppZZ28