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What I Learned During the Next36


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What I Learned During the Next36

  1. 1. A reflection from a 2nd Cohort Alumnus
  2. 2. Next36 OverviewPre-Incubator PhaseIncubator Phase
  3. 3. Why Technology?What is a startup (vs a business)?Lean MethodologyWhy do startups fail?
  4. 4. Entrepreneurship is the relentless pursuit of opportunity without regard to resources currently controlledMain Themes:  Always imperfect information  Always incumbents (sleeping giants)  Opportunities are everywhere
  5. 5. December – AprilTeam formationIdeationMarket Research
  6. 6. PrototypingValidationIteratingRestarting
  7. 7. May - AugustRecruitingBuildingMVPShippingCustomer AcquisitionNetworkingPitching
  8. 8. Are we really solving a problem that people care about?Is my solution really 10x better than the alternative?Is it polarizing?
  9. 9. What role does technology play?“Coding is easy, making money is hard”How can we get to product-market fit the fastest?Build, Measure, Learn -> Build, Measure, Learn  Hypothesis testing!  Analytics!  Disciplined
  10. 10. Networking – what can I offer you?Importance of Inspiring trust and confidenceRelationship buildingPut yourself in uncomfortable positionsSuccess – how badly do you want it?
  11. 11.  Case Studies (Harvard Business Review)  How to identify market opportunities  How to execute idea  Learn from past entrepreneur and their decisions  Entrepreneurship is a way of thinking Market Strategies  Market dynamics and how to win in different markets  Economics of entrepreneurship Legal and Finance Strategies  Term sheets, stock options pools, valuations  Legal, tax advice, grants, funding
  12. 12. Team is the foundation – 100% trustValidate before writing a single line of code  Get presales if possibleLean Methodology!  Build, measure, learn via disciplined scientific approach
  13. 13. Henry Shi