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Researching Genre


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Published in: News & Politics, Technology
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Researching Genre

  1. 1. Rock Music Magazine Front Covers All of these magazines advertise different artists that all fall under the ‘Rock Music’ category. I have chosen to look at this certain type because this is the type of music I would like to do for my own magazine project.
  2. 2. MAST HEAD The mast head for most magazines is located somewhere at the top. This could be top left, centre, or top right. The main reason why they are located there is because that is the first place a reader of potential buyer would look. Mast heads are designed to stand out from the rest of the magazine front cover. This can be done using many different methods. One method is that it is usually in a far larger font size than any other piece of text on the cover. This can often be paired with making the font colour ` brighter and outlined. All of these together make for a very simple, yet effective mast head.
  3. 3. MAIN HEADLINE The main headline on a magazine front cover is much the same a the mast head. It usually is the second largest font size (behind the mast head) and is located in the middle region of the cover. The main headline is used to show the readers what the main story for the whole magazine is going to be about, and also helps the reader to recognise the genre of the magazine instantly.
  4. 4. VIGNETTE Another major component of 5the magazine covers that I have been looking at are the vignettes. These are a subtle gradient in the background of a magazine cover that go from dark around the sides to lighter in the centre. These help to draw the readers eyes into the centre of the magazine cover. I would like to incorporate one of these into my own magazine cover because I believe it makes the magazine look more professional and stand out against other magazines.
  5. 5. THINGS I SHOULD INCLUDE IN MY MAGAZINE There are many different features that I should include in my own magazine. These are all of the features I have covered in this slideshow, and also any other features that I will include in my ‘textual analysis’ post. As well as this, I should think about the colours that I use, like in these magazines, to make sure they are easily visible and they represent suitable things. Secondly, I should make sure that all of my images are of a high quality and that the models are dressed appropriately for the genre of my magaizne.