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Preemptive Customer Service: Learning from Customer Data Silos


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This presentation discusses DreamOval's key learnings from deploying notification systems for Banks and other enterprises in the past five years and where we see this going.

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Preemptive Customer Service: Learning from Customer Data Silos

  1. 1. Preemptive Customer Service Learning from customer data silos Henry Sampson Lead, Engineering and Research DreamOval Limited @henrysampson
  2. 2. Short Introduction DreamOval Limited was started in 2007 The average age of the team is 25years Developed the first online payment gateway in Ghana (iWallet) Developing Enterprise software (Enterprise Nurse) for the past 5 years Enterprise software currently affects about 80% of bank accounts in Ghana We continue to innovate daily
  3. 3. pre·empt /prēˈempt/ Take action in order to prevent (an event) from happening; forestall. Google Search  Customer Service is a series of activities designed to enhance the level of customer satisfaction – that is, the feeling that a product or service has met the customer expectation Turban et al. (2002)
  4. 4. Stages of Customer Service Customer Service Before Sale During Sale After Sale
  5. 5. What is Preemptive Customer Service? Preemptive Customer service is then any action taken in anticipation of customer need which prevents escalation, reduces or avoids customer service delivery costs and leaves the customer truly amazed and satisfied
  6. 6. Why Bother? Great Customer Service Reduce / Avoid Cost Business Heaven on Earth
  7. 7. How to do this? Stages of Customer Service Preemption
  8. 8. One-Way Notify customer of account activities ◦ Changes in account balance ◦ Changes in customer data Help customer be in right standing through reminders ◦ KYC data expiry ◦ Loan repayment due ◦ Possible lack of funds for upcoming standing instruction Show some care and emotion ◦ Send wishes on special occasions like ◦ Birthday ◦ Account Open Anniversary ◦ Graduation ◦ Wedding anniversary ◦ Job Promotion
  9. 9. Two-Way Notify customer of possible account activity and act on response ◦ Authorization of transactions ◦ Authorization of sensitive customer data Help customer ◦ Choose the right financial package ◦ Wizard interactions for promotions ◦ Opt-in or out of promotion Show some care and emotions ◦ Send wishes and ask for wishes on special occasions like ◦ Birthday ◦ Account Open Anniversary ◦ Wedding anniversary ◦ Ask customer opinion on company changes or roadmap
  10. 10. Show Some Intelligence Narrow promotions target and plan based on similar past promotions ◦ Adjust customer promotion preferences based on responses ◦ Preferred medium ◦ Preferred time ◦ Preferred type ◦ Upcoming events: wedding anniversary, birthday, etc Advice on financial lifestyle ◦ Ways of saving money to meet aspirations Ask for authorization due to abnormal spending ◦ Identify abnormal trends in account activity and request authorization Suggest appropriate new services to customer based on ◦ Previous enrollments ◦ Upcoming events ◦ Known Preferences
  11. 11. Too Futuristic? MAYBE NOT
  12. 12. A Case for Open Source
  13. 13. Open source Big Data Stack Hadoop MongoDB Mahout Application Layer Apache Pig
  14. 14. Open Source No one needs to start from ground ZERO Better control over price Removes vendor lock-in Reduces barrier to entry Reputation of creators Wider community of users (Best alternative in the absence of standardization) Apache Licenses are Enterprise Friendly
  15. 15. But is your Data Enough?
  16. 16. Collecting Customer LIFE STORIES Social Media Networks – Relationships, interests, events, check-ins, etc eCommerce websites – Shopping history and whislists Telcos – Mobile money and location data Device Manufacturers – All mobile data Any electronic interaction of the customer is a potential BEST Strategic Partnership  Device Manufacturers
  17. 17. Why is storage an issue The data being stored has three distinct attributes ◦ Volume ◦ Velocity ◦ Variety Traditional Relational Databases reach their breaking point on commodity servers very fast Buying specialized hardware is not feasible for most businesses A solution that is widely accessible must use commodity servers to do what is reserved for mainframes and supercomputers For Africa, an extra requirement is that the software must be reasonably priced } BIG DATA
  18. 18. Who’s Common? What’s Common?
  19. 19. Timely Information via Triggers
  20. 20. Timely Information via Triggers Can’t just send raw data. You’ll need to make some sense out of it so the customer finds it useful
  21. 21. Timely Information via Triggers Just as news the information to send is mostly time bound
  22. 22. Timely Information via Triggers Different events in data can trigger information to be sent to user
  23. 23. Obviously Great SO WHAT’S STOPPING US?
  24. 24. Customer Data Silos
  25. 25. Card Management Core Banking Loans System Customer visits Bank To do the following: 1. Pick Up ATM Card 2. Check Status Of Loan 3. Check Account Balance Bank Customer Look up ATM card status Check Loan Status Check Account Balance Visit Bank Customer Service Officer
  26. 26. Evolution of Technology Stack for Banking Core Banking System Switch ATM POS Internet Banking Web Mobile Alerts Email SMS Social CRM + Help Desk ERP
  27. 27. What’s Wrong with this Picture?
  28. 28. What’s Wrong with this Picture? Apart from the cats being too cool Each technology ◦ will needs to ◦ Connect to all customer communication channels ◦ Implement a rules engine for preemptive customer service ◦ can only send notification about it’s activity (localized knowledge or intelligence)
  29. 29. How do you Escape?
  30. 30. One Route E.S.B.Enterprise Service Bus E.S.B.
  31. 31. One Problem Cost + Timeline
  32. 32. One Problem Cost + Timeline Many large enterprises we’ve worked with shy away from the large license costs of ESBs. Cost also includes paying other vendors to integrate
  33. 33. One Problem Cost + Timeline Many times the ESB vendors are not at fault here. Coordinating integration of all systems can get a bit messy even without wishing
  34. 34. Do you Really have to Use an ESB?
  35. 35. Non-Intrusive Monitoring NO NEED TO COME TO ME; I WILL COME TO YOU
  36. 36. Card Management Loans System Core Banking LNS Live Monitoring Notifications Bank Customer
  37. 37. Why some are Using this Model Cheaper than buying an ESB Can monitor any Data Source just like an ESB by using connectors Specialized for customer service ESB ready with extensive APIs
  38. 38. Conclusion
  39. 39. We are headed toward an era where preemptive customer service is not the exception but the norm for customers. Your excuse cannot be that you could not afford an ESB.