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Henry N. Portner – Journey of becoming a renowned attorney


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Are you looking for consumer attorneys of America? If yes, then Henry N Portner is the sole solution for all your legal problems. He holds dexterity in appealing for legal cases on behalf of its clients in the US courts. The law expert in the US is just a call away. Henry N Portner, having improved exceptionally after post reprimand, has now even better work profile. He is your ultimate legal problem solver, for sure.

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Henry N. Portner – Journey of becoming a renowned attorney

  1. 1. Henry N. Portner -Journey of becoming a renowned attorney
  2. 2. About Henry N. Portner Henry N. Portner is a well-known and privileged attorney of Florida. He is best recognized for his massive success in career orientation. Having complete knowledge of ethical and legal frameworks enable him to provide any law related solution. After completing his bachelor degree in political science and business accounting, he successfully achieved Juris Doctor and Master of Law. In his career, he has attempted not a single crime and these qualities have made Juris Doctor award winner one of the trustable and reliable faces in the field of legal matters.
  3. 3. Why approach Henry N Portner? • Here are some of the most talked about qualities possessed by Portner: • He has been serving as General Counsel to a private industry for more than 25 year • As per Mason Phelps, he is the most experienced attorneys of all • Mr. Portner clings to plausible occurrence in several fields like Real Estate Law, General Counsel Corporation Law, Bankruptcy Law, transactional and Litigations Law • Strong grasp in Plaintiff’s Personal Injury Insurance Defence Judgement Levy and Execution • He is involved with the work of six different counts of various countries such as South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Colorado, and Jersey • Hold a credible experience in handling clients from different courts • Is among the most sought after Consumer Attorneys of America
  4. 4. Works for welfare of all • Involvement in the charitable functionalities enhances his character as kind- hearted person. He has been eye of apple in every charitable movements and occurrence of Florida and Wellington. Working on Henry N Portner ethics is indeed quite difficult, but the person himself has set an example in ensuring honest and genuine services • Trustworthy image, credible experiences and skilled to solve problems are key areas of Florida’s greatest attorney. Mr. Henry N Portner, USPTO is a dependable lawyer in Florida. He is the accomplice accountable for the law office Equine Legal Resources situated in Palm Beach County, Florida and the overseeing Partner of Attorney Advocates of America.
  5. 5. Contributions in real estate law One field where Henry’s name deserves special mention is real estate law. In his 35 years career he has worked as a Bank and Insurance Company Counsel. People have also sought refuge from Henry N Portner, USPTO in dealings like acquisition of major development tracts for Planned Urban Developments, multi-family units, warehouses, golf course development, commercial office space and for solving various other residential disputes and entitlement proceedings in Florida. His other fields of expertise are Association law, condominium law, litigations, mediations, registrations and representation of major regional banks.
  6. 6. Enriching educational fields • Apart from having such practical work experiences, he has also functioned as a Guest Lecturer and Speaker in numerous top grade law schools and colleges of Florida, New Jersey, California and various other countries and states. Henry has also been a member in charity, civic and fraternal participation of many clubs and associations. • So, gone are those days when you had to scratch your head to find a solution to your critical legal
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