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Gigabit education


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The KC Gigabit Education project is inspired by the Google Fiber implementation in Kansas City. We are a community based project, collaborating with area universities, community colleges, high schools and nonprofit organizations, to develop examples of extraordinary education on the Google Fiber Gigabit Network.

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Gigabit education

  1. 1. Gigabit Education: Bridging the Digital Divide Demonstration Online Classes for Google Fiber Kansas City
  2. 2. Summary• Google Fiber Network Project Kansas City• Digital Divide Issues in Kansas City• Regional Educational Collaboration• Demonstration Courses for gigabit speeds• Community Access Centers
  3. 3. Google Fiber KC• Background• Timeline• Digital Divide - Infrastructure• Collaboration with Community Organizations
  4. 4. Digital Divide Issues in Kansas City• Historical Divides – Neighborhoods v Fiberhoods• Digital Divide Factors – Infrastructure and Computer Hardware – Media Literacy – Foundation for Imagination • “What can you do with gigabit speed?”
  5. 5. Regional Educational Collaboration• Kansas and Missouri – KCK, KCMO• University, Community College and H.S.• Public Libraries• Community Centers• Nonprofit Service Organizations
  6. 6. Demonstration Courses• How will gigabit speeds affect education?• What capabilities will we have that are different from current technologies?• How do we rethink online course design to take advantage of gigabit opportunities?• Can these demonstration courses extend the mission of each institution?
  7. 7. Demonstration Courses• Course Design – Project Based Learning • Develop presentations and videos for public access • Video Interaction with Subject Matter Experts • Interview, Analysis and Demonstration – Full Motion Video • Live and On-Demand
  8. 8. Demonstration Courses• Example: Teaching Biology – Model Systems – Introductory Biology designed for teacher education – Model Systems Laboratory – SBS – Electron Microscope Observation – Interaction – Laboratory Observation – Interaction – Share Demonstrations with SMEs – Feedback from SME on Student Presentations
  9. 9. Demonstration Courses• Identify Courses for Demonstration – Biology: Teacher Education – The Creative Audience – Digital Teaching and Learning – Spanish Conversation Practice
  10. 10. Community Access Centers• Public Access to Community Centers – University/Community College Computer Labs – KCMO / KCK Public Libraries – KCMO / KCK Community Centers – Nonprofit Public Access Centers