What is my ip address


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Are you looking to find answer of what is my IP address? Now it’s easy to answer this question. To know this unique number you can visit the site and in single click you will find answer of what is my IP address.

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What is my ip address

  1. 1. What is my IP address http://www.ip-location.khozz.com
  2. 2. What is my IP address http://www.ip-location.khozz.comContents:• IP Address Importance• Home Computer IP Address• Steps to Know IP address• IP Address Locator• Thanks
  3. 3. What is my IP address http://www.ip-location.khozz.com• IP Address Importance In this internet world every computer is connected to the Internet and they access the internet function using an assigned unique number that is commonly known as Internet Protocol Address. Whenever you try to connect with Internet then an internet first identifies your computer on the network and start responding on your request. People generally search the “What is my IP address” term on the net. This term is widely searched on the Internet. In a single click with the help of IP locator you can easily know IP address of yours system. http://www.ip-location.khozz.com
  4. 4. What is my IP address http://www.ip-location.khozz.com• Home Computer IP Address Home computers typically connected through routers and cable or DSL connection. In this type of network connection your system IP address identifies on the local network. Used routers have its own IP address which is its own identification on the network. Whenever you try to see “What is my IP address” then IP locator returns your router IP address. To know your Windows system IP address you can perform the given steps: http://www.ip-location.khozz.com
  5. 5. What is my IP address http://www.ip-location.khozz.com Steps to Know IP address• Step1. Go to Start Menu and type CMD in command prompt. Click on the command prompt that is shortcut in the search answer.• Step2. Type “ipconfig” in the textbox and press Enter which displays the basic information for your main network adapter. By this way you can clearly marked the IP address information.• Step3. In the display type “inconfig/all” for all the adapters that are present on your computer. It works on all wired and wireless adapters. It includes all the IP address and marked them clearly. http://www.ip-location.khozz.com
  6. 6. What is my IP address http://www.ip-location.khozz.com IP Address LocatorAll the above steps help you to find the answer of“What is my IP address” question. Your public IPaddress may be different from your computer’s IPaddress. Public or static IP address of your system isthe external address which helps world’s people toidentify you. So get ready to find your IP addresswith IP locator. http://www.ip-location.khozz.com
  7. 7. Thanks For visit For More Info http://www.ip-location.khozz.com http://www.ip-location.khozz.com