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  • Slide 1:Click= Mobile/ Tablet DesignClick= By: Henry Mader
  • Click= we are going to first start out with the history Click= Of tabletsClick= AndClick= Competitive brand history
  • Click= The first patent for a tablet device started out as a pen computing system that recognized hand written characters it was patent in 1915Click= Apple computer started it’s project in 1987, they designed 3 different sizes, but ended up releasing one in 1993 called the Apple Newton it had a 6inch screen.Click= A media company called Knight Ridder created a concept video that showed a tablet with color display.Click= Microsoft was one of the first to create a nice tablet, their device was called the Microsoft Tablet PC. It was designed for note taking and for field work.Click= Apple introduced one of the most popular devices to date called the iPad, the iPad was created in 2010 and has several models and sizes, they are also designed for note taking and field work.Click= Amazon created The Kindle Fire one of Amazon’s high tech devices, which had a focus on written media, Amazon’s devices were one of the best devices that started electronic book downloads
  • Click= Tablet GrowthClick= Mobile Sites are very important when it comes to tablets and their growth, when businesses create mobile sites it not only makes it easy for the user to enjoy their experience, but makes the businesses websites look more professional and they stand out. Click= Tablets become an Environmentally Friendly tool because they help eliminate the use of paper, tablets can be used in the place of map, books, newspapers, etc. Click= Apps continue to help grow the tablet community, apps can act as portals to mobile sites to make it easy for the consumer to find information on your product.Click= Tablets have grown as technology has grown, tablets are now portable and can be used on Wi-Fi and network.Click= Tablets have become very functional they are easy to use and can be seen with anybody a wide variety ages Click= Tablets have become extremely comfortable to use with their new style like I was saying before there size and weight have changed so much over the years.Click= Schools have been accepting of tablets and their primary use, of electronic books and note taking, so the market for tablets is huge.Click= Tablets have become more affordable then laptops and they have the same function and almost the exact functions
  • Click= Estimated future usageClick= As technology increases not only will the tablets keep better but the market will increase, tablets will be used for almost everything, because they are so portable Click= Like I was saying early, tablets will have a major effect on schools and how the material is taught, as long as tablets stay involved in schools the market will stay high for them.Click= This goes along with the previous statement but tablets will also have a major effect on how business is done, tablets will one day create a world with no paperClick= majorly the price will have a huge effect on the usage of tablets, like most things as long as the price stays low, people are going to buy them.
  • Click: How mobile and tablet usage has impacted web design
Click; Mobile sites have changed how websites are created, now they will need to create a “computer version” and a “mobile site” yes there is extra work but it will pay off in the end.Click; Mobile shopping has been a game changer when it comes too mobile and tablet usage, it has opened a whole new way that tablets have become a game changer when it comes to technology.Click; Advertising has become easier with mobile and tablet usage, you are now able to add a advertisement to apps and other sites that are popular.
  • Click; I reached for the best tips and found this page, so we will go through this page, it is filled with lots of good information.
  • Click; Cnn is prime example of a good mobile site
  • Click; Full Sail University is a another great example of a great mobile site
  • Click: Example of a bad mobile site is the IndyCar site
  • Click: Another good example of a bad mobile site is the RedCat Racing site.
  • Click: What you recommend the business you're examining should specifically do to make sure their website can be accessed and used on mobile and tablet devices the two main things I can think to do to fix these sites is to create a easy to use mobile site and to create a app, by changing these the company will be able to receive more consumers.
  • Mader henry project4_week4

    1. 1. By: Henry A. Mader
    2. 2.       First patent granted in 1915. 1987 Apple Computer started it’s tablet project. Knight Ridder made a concept video of a hight tech tablet. 2000 Microsoft introduced Microsoft Tablet PC. Apple introduced the iPad in 2010. Amazon’s The Kindle Fire came into play.
    3. 3. Notice the image on the left this site is a “mobile site” you can tell because it is fit to your screen. At the bottom of a “mobile site” you can usually find a link to the full site.
    4. 4. Fit to screen Mobile Site
    5. 5. Not fit to screen Mobile site link hidden
    6. 6. Not fit to screen