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Municipalities and Districts Brochure

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Municipalities and Districts Brochure

  1. 1. Unlocking New Opportunities for Municipalities and Water District in Solar
  2. 2. Not long ago, most Districts and Municipalities were under the impression that solar was an expensive technology that couldn’t reduce operating costs or generate additional revenue for their properties. But a lot has changed. Today, Districts and Municipalities have the ability to show that renewable energy is more than make a statement about social responsibility. It can create significant benefits to your bottom line. The RES-BCT program (formerly AB 2466) was established by the legislature effecCve January 1, 2009, and is codified in SecCon 2830 of the Public UCliCes Code. It allows a Local Government with one or more eligible renewable generaCng faciliCes to export energy to the grid and receive generaCon credits to benefiUng accounts of the same Local Government (AB 1031 expanded applicability to universiCes). Just as organizations are exploring solar for different reasons, every District and Municipality will have a different program that it can participate in to maximize additional revenue or cutting expenses because we know that one size does not fit all. We work closely with every customer to understand their business challenges and build a plan that is aligned with their strategies. At the heart of our approach is a consultative relationship with our customers that allows us to collaboratively develop energy solutions that will cover an entire portfolio of sites and maximize the available footprint. We offer innovative Public Private Partnerships with District and Municipalities with 0% dollars spent on budgets with site leases where we act as an additional tenant on your property as well as Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) for Municipal Districts who wish to purchase the power produced by the solar while minimizing their up-front investment.
  3. 3. A Trusted Advisor in Clean Energy Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) With a Photon power purchase agreement, commercial property owners can find ways to monetize operations that traditionally have been cost centers, No money down with reduced energy costs from day 1 allow our customers to allocate capital to other areas of their businesses. Site Leases If you’re a commercial property owner who does not occupy your own building and doesn’t have your tenants on a triple-net lease, a Photon site lease might be the best options for you. We look to lease your rooftop or parking lot space for a 20-year term and hope to become your best tenant. We’ll sell the power generated at your property to the local utility and you receive an annual lease payment. PACE Local cities and counties have established Property –Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) programs through out the US that allow commercial building owners and Districts to finance clean energy projects through their property tax bill for up to a 20 year term. CREBS Clean renewable energy bonds (CREBs) may be used by certain enCCes -- primarily in the public sector -- to finance renewable energy projects. The list of qualifying technologies is generally the same as that used for the federal renewable energy producCon tax credit (PTC). CREBs may be issued by electric cooperaCves, government enCCes (states, ciCes, counCes, territories, Indian tribal governments or any poliCcal subdivision thereof), and by certain lenders. OPTIONS © Photon Development, LLC All Rights Reserved. Photon is a complete clean energy services provider that partners with customers to produce long-term relationships that yield healthy returns for all parties involved. We are dedicated to helping commercial real estate owners maximize their investments in their properties through renewable energy. We work with our customers to model their electricity consumption habits and provide detailed analysis on how best to use and produce energy. We provide in-depth tariff reviews and load management assessment, allowing us to help our customers realize the full value of their options and providing confidence in moving forward with a solution that will deliver the highest possible value for years to come.

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