Yiheng deng hw3


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Yiheng deng hw3

  1. 1. Student’s name: Yiheng, DengStudent’s ID: 0435Professor: Thomas LechlerCourse ID: MGT 610Date: 3/29/2013Mission statement: to develop a soft called sales navigator focus oncombining the map, contacts and calendar on digital devices that can helpuses to maximize reach to their customers, this development project shouldwithin 3 months with a budget of $10,000.Original project requirements:1. The application can be used on many IOS system, like IPhone, iPad, etc.2. The application has at least 4 features that base on its basis functions.3. The application can be easily download in many ways.4. The price of the application should be at least $3.99 so that the companycan get pay back quicker.5. The navigator function is precise as well as the Google map.Simplified customer voice table:satisfiers moments of truth expectationI want when I hear about I expectCompatibleuse it on differentdevicesAt least can be used on iPhones 4s,iPhone 5, and most Android mobilephones.multiplefunctionsuse it for differentperformance during asales missionCan be used to check contacts ofcustomers, makeappointments in thecalendar, navigate the route to meetthe customers and even send voicemessage to customers.easy to assesswhen salesmen wantto download itNot just from app store but also otherlinks such as official website, appranking or IT magazine websites.cheap pay for the application Not higher than $2.99
  2. 2. precise use it to navigateThe precision should be at least within2 feetComparison of new VOC table and original requirements:Based on the observation above, it seems that the customers cannot besatisfied if they receive the application that just be developed as what thecompany expected to be. Customers always want more features of theapplication with a less price. The main differences between originalrequirements and the customers’ needs are that, technically, the company justcan develop the application that compatible with the IOS system at the firststage but still cannot be used in on the Android devices.Second, usually IT Company like us will give free trail experience forcustomers in the app store for a short while, but just with less features of theapplication. So, the price is basically for the promotional development, in thefuture utility.Price can be different in different stages, and the company willmodify it according to customer demand.Thirdly, the company’s original design idea for the application based on acustomer’s need to combine the calendar, contact and navigator into oneapplication so that sales people can use it in sales mission, but the companystill need time to design more functions for it besides the basic functions.The precision of the navigator is enough for daily use as it is based on thegoogle map navigate function, the company has sign a contract with googleduring the development.