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Groovy Grails Hallelujah


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Published in: Technology
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Groovy Grails Hallelujah

  1. 1. Groovy Grails Hallelujah Image Source: Imagine. Invent. Involve.
  2. 2. Java was Cool Imagine. Invent. Involve.
  3. 3. when comes to large scale enterprise applications, nothing matches with java platform Imagine. Invent. Involve.
  4. 4. but… Imagine. Invent. Involve.
  5. 5. too many standards Imagine. Invent. Involve.
  6. 6. too many frameworks Imagine. Invent. Involve.
  7. 7. too much of coding Imagine. Invent. Involve.
  8. 8. Java Programmer Imagine. Invent. Involve.
  9. 9. Imagine. Invent. Involve.
  10. 10. It’s Java Part of Java Platform, runs on Java Virtual Machine (JVM) Imagine. Invent. Involve.
  11. 11. Uses the same infrastructure as Java can run on Jboss, Tomcat, Weblogic, Websphere, etc Imagine. Invent. Involve.
  12. 12. Enable rapid application development develop java applications in weeks instead of months Imagine. Invent. Involve.
  13. 13. Closely integrate with Java existing Java libraries can be reused and extended Imagine. Invent. Involve.
  14. 14. Full stack application framework all the standard java frameworks (spring, hibernate, sitemesh, junit,  etc) are nicely integrated Imagine. Invent. Involve.
  15. 15. Provides quick start for creating project and development environment, generates basic  project structure and build scripts in less than a minute Imagine. Invent. Involve.
  16. 16. Help you to focus on business requirements instead of integrating technologies and frameworks, comes with  developer friendly Domain Specific Language (DSL) for wrapping  complex java configurations such Hibernate Mapping Imagine. Invent. Involve.
  17. 17. Dynamic and metaprogramming takes the design and programming next level by leveraging Object  Oriented Concepts, enable us to create business and developer  friendly Domain Specific Languages (DSL) Imagine. Invent. Involve.
  18. 18. Don't Repeat Yourself follow and encourage DRY (Don't Repeat Yourself) approach,  plenty of plugins to include common functionalities such security,  authorization, search, etc. Imagine. Invent. Involve.
  19. 19. Cloud ready using light weight architecture enable Grails applications to be  hosted on Cloud Computing environments, with little effort Imagine. Invent. Involve.
  20. 20. Embrace Agile development fully loaded with tools and techniques required for agile  development (Test Driven Development, Behavior Driven  Development and Continuous Integration, etc) Imagine. Invent. Involve.
  21. 21. Java Platform + Simplicity + Productivity = Grails Imagine. Invent. Involve.
  22. 22. Imagine. Invent. Involve.
  23. 23. Imagine. Invent. Involve.
  24. 24. Who I Am What I Do Where I work Imagine. Invent. Involve.