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Agile In 15 Minutes


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A quick introduction to the current state of software development and the true spirit of agile.

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Agile In 15 Minutes

  1. 1. Agile in 15 minutes
  2. 2. Who I Am What I Do Where I Work
  3. 3. Sound familiar Unrealistic Deadlines Poor Estimation Requirement Changes Immature Architecture and Design No Domain Knowledge Too Many Assumption Bad Code Quality No Documentation or Too much Death March It’s not my code-Attitude Inadequate Testing
  4. 4. We fail * Write down all the IT companies you can think of
  5. 5. We fail * The current software development situation is less than ideal. Our systems are regularly delivered late or over budget—if they're delivered at all – Scott Ambler
  6. 6. Why we fail? We think, software development is A+B=C total (estimated?) man days/number of resources = delivery date We forget, that we are in technology business We ignore, the importance of people and skills We focus, more on delivery, less on quality or usefulness We resist, change We assume, customer knows what they want We lack, leadership and feedback We waste, our time and energy on, unwanted artifacts and non issues (Still) We plan, by ignoring all the above
  7. 7. What we need? Process for collaboration, where customer, architects, designers and programmers work in a collaborative and open environment to develop software Elimination of Waste, anything which does not add value to the final product Adaptive Planning than fighting with excels
  8. 8. Agile [Simple. Structured. Proven. Works.]
  9. 9. If Agile is so Good , why Isn't everyone doing it?
  10. 10. Technology Adaptation Life Cycle Laggards lag Source: Crossing the chasm
  11. 11. Agile is not about a formula, or a best practice. It is a value system, which needs a complete transformation in all aspect of software development.