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Published in: Sports, Technology
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  1. 1. Henry Yang BloCK 2 11/12/10
  2. 2. That nothing worth gaining Was ever gained without effort
  3. 3.  Teamwork is a good thing to do and you will finish something faster and work together leads to an academic champion.
  4. 4.  That CTR is choosing the right and just choose the right it leads to success and academic champion
  5. 5.  And academic champion is someone that always choose the right and doing something that’s right..
  6. 6.  That leadership is being a leader in a team and doing whats good and it leads to a academic champion
  7. 7.  That work smart and work together is an academic champion
  8. 8.  That respect people who you want to be respect and always CTR and you can be an academic champion
  9. 9.  That win or lose do it fairly and it leads to an academic champion
  10. 10.  That In sports, a champion is the athlete or team in first place at the end of a season of organized competition (and, if applicable, any associated playoffs). It is for this reason that such competitions are often called championships.