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William morris Powerpoint


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Published in: Education, Technology
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William morris Powerpoint

  1. 1. William MorrisBy Conal, Henry, Callum and Grace
  2. 2. Early life • Born March 24th, 1834. died October 3rd, 1896. Romantic attachment to: Forrest Gardens Flowers BirdsWilliam Morris (n.d.) Retreived from W (1883) Eveniode [Illustration]. Retrieved from oxfordartonline.comWilliam Morris - Biographical Materials (2012) Retrieved, F. (1887) Portrait of William Morris [Photo] J. W. Mackail The Life of William Morris in two volumes, London, New Yorkand Bombay: Longmans, Green and Co., 1899
  3. 3. Education • Attended Exeter College • Met: Edward Burne- Jones Dante Gabriel Rossetti • Brotherhood • Abandoned studies in 1855 to become artistMorris. W (1875) Acanthus [Wallpaper] Victoria and Albert Museum, London. Museum no. E.495-1919. © Victoria & Albert Museum, LondonWilliam Morris (n.d.) Retreived from W (1883) Eveniode [Illustration]. Retrieved from oxfordartonline.comWilliam Morris - Biographical Materials (2012) Retrieved
  4. 4. Post Education • Architecture • Career change • Marriage • Red houseDore,, H (1990). William Morris. London:Pyramid.William Morris (n.d.) Retreived from
  5. 5. Influences•Philip WebbWilliam Bedford, L. (1979) Sideboard [Photography]. London: Fine Art SocietyWilliam Morris (n.d.) Retreived from
  6. 6. Interesting Designs •Membland Tile Panel •Strawberry ThiefMorris,W.(1883). Strawberry Thief [cotton furnishing textile].Designed by William Morris and made by Morris andCo., W. (1876). William Morris Membland Tile Panel [Ceramic Tile]. designed by William Morris and made by the firm of William deMorgan
  7. 7. Influence on Modern DesignMorris, W. [Product] Retrieved from
  8. 8. Overview of William Morris Born Painter Company Arrested Died1834 1852 1857 1858 1860 1883 1887 1891 1896 University Poet & Author Socialist Kidney DiseaseWilliam Morris (n.d.) Retreived from, N. (2005). Pioneers of modern design. London: Yale University PressMorris W (1883) Eveniode [Illustration]. Retrieved from
  9. 9. Credits Conal Mckie- Researched early life and education Henry Beckford – Researched post education and influences Callum Mudgway – Researched designs and influence on modern design Grace Aitken - Overview and composted powerpointMorris W (1883) Eveniode [Illustration]. Retrieved from