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  1. 1. Henry 1Tyler HenryMrs. Corbett4th Period19/4/2012 Final Speech Mystery, thrills, and chills. These three things have inspired me to write for my seniorproject. Ever since I was young, I absolutely loved to read, especially mystery and whodunitbooks. When we first needed to choose what we wanted for our senior projects, I jumped at thechance to write a mystery book of my own. My end product is my published book, Playback,where private investigator Joseph Barrow hunts down a criminal ring in his town. At times, thisproject has been a rollercoaster for me; writing this project has been one of the best things I havedone so far, and at the same time, one of the hardest things I have ever done. My research paper was based around the troubles and innovations of the publishingindustry throughout the ages. While publishing only took a short time for my project, it played alarge role as it was one of my major aims to accomplish with my project, and because I was ableto publish my book, I was also able to put it up for sale The most interesting fact that I learnedwhile researching publishing was how publishing allowed for the spread of vast amounts ofinformation throughout the centuries, and its spread throughout the world. From scrolls toscribes, from the printing press to printers, the world has come a long way from the beginningsof the printing industry. For instance, the Gutenberg press was one of the first printing presses inEurope, and allowed for the expansion of printing and publishing throughout the times. Later,innovations such as the steam-powered press would expand and advance the use and power ofpresses until knowledge was able to be spread instantly through computers and the Internet.
  2. 2. Henry 2Understanding the history of publishing has really enabled me to see the value of innovation andpublishing, as I had no troubles having my own book published. My product is my book, Playback, a one-hundred twenty page mystery novel. I chose towrite a book because my passion for reading, and because I have never written something to theextent that I have written this. I first started by drafting an outline and a dramatis personae, a listof characters and their personalities and descriptions. Then I started to type it up, where I had afew bad starts before I was able to settle on a beginning which felt right. On some days, I wouldsit down and type absolutely nothing. On other days, I would sit down at my computer and watchas the words flowed from my fingers to the screen. Later on in my project, I learned why editorsget paid so much for what would seem to be an easy job in the age of the spell check. I can notbelieve the amount of mistakes that I would have missed had I not had a few people look overmy book. However, I would not have been able to type or edit a single thing if it had been for myfacilitator. My project facilitator was Farris Yawn, who is the owner of Yawn’s Books and More indowntown Canton. He was actually the facilitator of several other seniors who also wanted towrite and publish books; this is due to his experience in having books published as well asfacilitating seniors in their senior projects. He helped in a number of ways, mostly by providingadvice for writing, editing and making the layout for my book. Farris provided immense help, asI had no idea about some of the complexities in book making, such as how far down on the pageto put the title or how to stagger page numbering. His main role was the publisher of my book,which accomplished my project goal. While writing a book, it is not too hard to write as long as you have a concrete idea towork with and are able to focus on that idea. I learned that it can be difficult to focus while
  3. 3. Henry 3writing for hours without end. If I did not make sure to zero in on the idea I had, I could reallydiverge from my original purpose. At times, I would really lose track of where I wanted to gonext or what to write about next with my characters. The monotony of staring at the computer for quite a while was another problem I hadfrequently. The more I worked on my project the worse it got; even though I was closer tocompleting, I just could not sit down and type as much as I needed to. This was probably one ofthe biggest problems I had, and never got over it, as it was not a simple issue. Writing is very simple. However, writing a book in a much shorter time than actualauthors is extremely difficult. Writer’s block was a common obstacle while writing my book, andas I continued writing my book I found it more and more difficult too. The problems, however,did not start at the end of my writing, but started at the beginning. I was even unsure of how towrite the beginning of my book, and it did not get easier to contend with my growing boredom. Despite that difficulty, I would probably write another book rather than not write oneever again. If I did write another one, many of the problems that I had while working on thiswould be solved or even non-existent. Now that I know the process for book-making, my nexthypothetical book would be easier to write than this. With the ability to correct my mistakeswhen writing Playback, my next one could be a piece of cake. Just as well, I would not be solimited with my book through a deadline as I was with Playback; while I might not becompletely free of a deadline, I could expect to have a year or two even to write it. Over these past few months, I have learned of my strength in writing, and I have learnedof my inability to focus on writing for very long. I learned of the joys of writing, and I havelearned of the frustration of writer’s block. Yet, despite my inabilities and weaknesses withwriting, I had a great time doing it and probably would do it again some other time. With all of
  4. 4. Henry 4my new knowledge and experience from writing my book, I would encourage for others to writetheir own books. In fact, I challenge all of you to try to write your own books if you have notwritten one already, and have them published. Thank you for coming here and listening to myproject, and good luck if you try to take up my challenge.