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Diffrent tech

  1. 1. How did you use new media technologies in the construction,research and planning and evaluation stages?
  2. 2. Planning and Research StageAsPreliminary Task/2 min opening A2 Music Videosequence When planning our preliminary tasks  When planning our music video we and our 2 min film we used apple Mac used blogger, Microsoft word, to write up our scripts and the software PowerPoint, Prezzi and Mac we use to write it up on was Microsoft computers Word. We also used a Sony camera to shot our  When taking picture of our Animatic/storyboard. location that we planned to film in I used blogger which is a website on the we used a Sony digital camera to the internet to create a blog and a take pictures . website called Slide share to upload  We also used a website called PowerPoints on to the blog. “Sound cloud” to find a song that we could use to make a music video to
  3. 3. Construction StageAsPreliminary Task/2 min openingsequence A2 Music Video When constructing our preliminary task and opening 2 min opening sequence When constructing our music video we used many different technologies such we used many different technologies as such as  Panasonic HDC-SD60 camera which we used A Sony camcorder to shoot the preliminary to film our music video which was an task and the 2min opening sequence it upgrade from the previous Sony cameras that wasn’t very good quality and there where we where using, as this camera could shoot in often problem playing back the footage that HD which made our music video look much we had recorded. The camera also had a shot better that our as production battery life so we had to record for short  We also used lights in our production which amounts of time. When recording we used helped use create the atmosphere we desired tapes this was very agitating as previous  We also used a tripod to create more steady footage had to be taped over shoot and when we wanted shots with motion such as panning we used a monopod. This We also used a tripod which we hadnt used allowed use to move the camera in any for our preliminary task direction without the shakiness of holding it When recording the voice over we also used it also allowed us to reach heights we a Mic that connected to the Mac computer normally couldn’t to create the look of CCTV
  4. 4.  When editing our music video we used a software called imovie HD which was easy to get to grips with as we used it in As to edit. The main problems that we found with imovie was that we were not able to cut the shots as quick and close as we would have liked to. There were also a limited amount of effects to choose from and the ones that were there werent every appealing as we would have liked.Construction  We used Macs to store our work however they took very long to sync and often lost our workA2 music video due to not saving in the same place. There was also not a lot of space to store all of the clips that we had accumulated over the weeks.  We used Photoshop to edit the digipak and the poster. Photoshop was very hard to come to grips with as the layout was very complex so it took about a week to fully understand how to use it. However, Photoshop made our poster and the digipak look extremely professional.
  5. 5. Evaluation stageAsPreliminary Task/2 min A2 Music Videoopening sequence When make our audience response  When make our audience response videos videos we used a videos we used we used a videos we used the camera on the Mac it was very useful as it was the camera on the Mac it was very straight on the computer and there was useful as it was straight on the no need for any wires. computer and there was no need  I used a phone to record some audience for any wires. responses and uploaded them on the blog We also used YouTube to upload  I also used PowerPoint to answer the our video so that we could put it on evaluation questions our blogs.
  6. 6. Skills Learnt As Preliminary Task/2 min A2 Music Video opening sequence I learnt how to use imovie HD however  In a2 I learnt how to use imovie to a it was at very basic level. very high standard which was shown by I learnt how to use a camera with tape the quality of editing in video and how to replace the tape.  I also learnt how to set up and use the I learnt the skill of using a tripod lighting equipment I learnt how to upload vides on to  I transferred the skills that I leant when YouTube. used a tripod in AS so I was also able to know when I shouldn’t use the tripod for certain shots  I also learnt how to use a monopod which was very essential in getting the shots that we wanted