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  1. 1. Costume<br />Graces costume <br />-22860071120<br />Grey hooded jumper<br />I have chosen a grey hooded jumper for grace to wear because it shows that she is a teenager and her youthfulness however, it is also used to disguise her face to show that she is the villain.<br /> <br /> <br />-22860034290Black Leggings<br />The leggings were chosen to help portray Graces youth. The colour is black so that the colour of the leggings does not draw attention away from Grace and what is going on in the film.<br />-45720097790<br />Converses<br />We thought that the converses that we have chosen are fashionable trainers, which show that grace is a young stylish teenager. The converses are mostly used to put the point across that Grace is a normal teenager that is turning evil.<br />