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Certificate research done

  1. 1. Certificate research12/12AThis rating means that anybody aged 12 or over can view the film12A mean that anybody under the age of 12 that is accompanied by an adult canview the film.Films rated 12 can contain:Only moderate violence is allowed but you can’t focus on the violence.Sex can be briefly shown but it has to be discreetDrugs can’t be glamorizedHorror films can be passed as 12 but they can only contain moderate physicaland psychological threat.This rating would be good for film because I have found out from previous filmresearch that films rated 12 are viewed much more than films rated 15 or18.This would give our film a wider audience therefore making it more successfulhowever the psychological treat would have to be moderate which would behare to do as our film is a psychological thriller.15This rating means that nobody under the age of 15 is allowed to view the filmFilms rated 15 can contain:Can contain strong violenceThere can be strong language and it can be frequentDrug use can be shown (can’t promote drug use)
  2. 2. Nudity can be shownSexual violence can be shown but it must be briefThere can also be strong threat and “menace”This would be the most suitable certificate for my film because I from previousresearch I have found out that 15 are regularly released. In terms of new releaseslovefilm.com shows that 4 of the top ten thrillers on the of 4th April are rated 15this show that there is a wide audience viewing thrillers that are rated.15 a Thiscertificate also allows us more of a verity of what we can include in our film e.g.strong threat and “menace”. Which the certificate 12 does not allow use to have.Planning ConsiderationsCan contain strong violence -Drug use can be shown (can’t promote drug use) – Not a problem. As are thereare not scenes where audiences witness any drug takingThere can also be strong threat and “menace” - Threat of violence - subtle at thebeginning of the film18This certificate means that nobody under the age of 18 can view this filmFilms rate18 can contain:Horror can be strongThe film can shown strong blood and goreDrug taking can be shownSexual violence can be also shownThis wouldn’t be the best category for my film, because having a film rated 18significantly lowers the amount of people that can view our film. Most of thething that films rated 18 include our film does not .*