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Compilation of marketing and advertising solutions for several clients among the most different industries.

Published in: Marketing
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  1. 1. Henrique Marcelino dos Santos Planning | Marketing | Communication PORTFOLIO
  2. 2. RESUME SUMMARY Understanding is the most appropriate keyword for this sign. Easygoing and able to see people around in the best way. Strong Points: Intuitive, compassionate, artistic, kind, intelligent. Success-oriented and keen, he has knowledge of how the work system works and puts it to work for himself. He has principles and knows what he wants. Severe with priorities, but flexible in order to achieve the ends. He’s confident and very professional with what he does; excellent speaker. Fluent English Desktop research Trendwatching Content generation Didactics and public speaking Critical analysis CONTEMPORARY COMMUNICATION GLOBALIZATION AND CULTURE ADVERTISING AND MARKETING BACHELOR SPECIALIZATION MASTERS DEGREE WG Comunicação Rae,MP AC Nielsen Internship Planning Assistant Planning Assistant Full Planner Planning Coordinator 2005 2006 2006 2009 2013 Senior Project Consultant 2015
  3. 3. CASE 1 CLIENT INDUSTRY: Class association 1. CHALLENGE: To induce networking from attendants during the association’s events. 2. SOLUTION: Mobile app with professional and contact data compilation, directly linked to LinkedIn. 3. WHY IT WORKS: Both the lack of enough business cards and the unwillingness of storing all received cards demand a digital solution within a device no businessman forgets: its smartphone or tablet.
  4. 4. CASE 2 CLIENT INDUSTRY: Shopping mall 1. CHALLENGE: To draw attention of dog owners in the mall’s primary area in order to make them attend the dog walking event. 2. SOLUTION: Media and guerrilla campaign strongly based on radio spot, with a frequency of 20kHz attached into the audio works. 3. WHY IT WORKS: The 20kHz frequency can’t be heard by human beings but it’s so by dogs, which then interact with the audio demonstrating attention, reinforcing the message towards the dog owner who’s also listening.
  5. 5. CASE 3 CLIENT INDUSTRY: Sparkling wine 1. CHALLENGE: To reinforce the brand’s recall in moments of celebration and freshness. 2. SOLUTION: Turning confetti launchers into the product’s minibottles, also installing fan humidifiers in the product’s island displays in the points-of-sales. 3. WHY IT WORKS: The constant use of confetti launchers strengthens the recall about the bottle’s label and form, while the freshness feeling in POS connects to the product and induces it to an easier purchase.
  6. 6. CASE 4 CLIENT INDUSTRY: Automotive retail 1. CHALLENGE: To create a more effective and impacting communication channel with the target (truck drivers), with enough geographic range. 2. SOLUTION: Advertising use of trucks’ CB radio, with metrics and logics adapted from social media. 3. WHY IT WORKS: Truck drivers already use CB radio as social media, it was only needed to introduce social media strategies to make it work.
  7. 7. CASE 5 CLIENT INDUSTRY: Private hospital 1. CHALLENGE: To reassure the hospital’s concern about nature caring during the Environment Week. 2. SOLUTION: Clowns dressed as doctors examining trees and tree beds at Paulista Avenue, stamping on approached passers-by’s papers a QR code and a shortened URL which leads to a hotsite which explains further about the stunt and the importance of taking care of nature. 3. WHY IT WORKS: Stamps make a perfect solution for limitations from São Paulo’s clean city law, while clowns draw attention from far distance and generate curiosity.
  8. 8. CASE 6 CLIENT INDUSTRY: Soy germplasm 1. CHALLENGE: To generate interactivity with the stand’s visitors during the new varieties’ launching event. 2. SOLUTION: Interactive wall with logics game similar to Minesweeper in order to show the advantages of using the client’s seeds. 3. WHY IT WORKS: Visitors of rural events are eager for different and interactive activities which entertain them and explain the technologies in a playful and didactic way.
  9. 9. CASE 7 CLIENT INDUSTRY: Automotive retail 1. CHALLENGE: To create a promotional strategy in order to attract new clients for a check in the brand’s dealers. 2. SOLUTION: Promotional campaign along with an incentive campaign where both client and check team can win by drawing lots a bicycle manufactured by the brand itself and not yet sold in Brazil. 3. WHY IT WORKS: Besides the strong cycling trend, the quality of the brand’s bicycles is internationally known, making it a high-value item both for those who rides it and for those who decide to sell this prize, guaranteeing a logistical purchase convenience for this brand in Brazil.
  10. 10. CASE 8 CLIENT INDUSTRY: Automotive retail 1. CHALLENGE: To launch a new and used vehicle fair in a way it draws more attention than the competitors’ ones. 2. SOLUTION: Launching a special offers fair inside the most important collective purchase websites in the country. 3. WHY IT WORKS: At the time, collective purchase websites were trendy, in such a way the vehicle offers would be seen on these sites’ daily offers e-mails, impacting a wider target, also offering units with special prices in those same websites.
  11. 11. CASE 9 CLIENT INDUSTRY: Luxury decoration 1. CHALLENGE: To make an activation stunt at the paulistan shore in order to announce the luxury decorative items e-commerce website. 2. SOLUTION: Installation of a pop-up store with several showroom items and salespersons with tablets and well-trained to help the store’s visitors make an online purchase over there. 3. WHY IT WORKS: Even with no physical stores, the pop-up store can draw more attention by being installed in a high-flow place and visited by all passers-by, who would make the necessary buzz.
  12. 12. CASE 10 CLIENT INDUSTRY: Credit auditorship 1. CHALLENGE: To motivate individuals to enter the client’s subscription which certifies the absence of the subscripted ones’ financial impediments, in order to sell this mailing to retail companies which need to check their customers’ financial status. 2. SOLUTION: Partnership with shopping malls, where each customer who allow its personal data in the malls’ promotional coupons to be added into the credit auditorship company would receive double coupons for the partner mall’s drawing lot. In the meanwhile, the auditorship company would buy each new subscription from the shopping mall. 3. WHY IT WORKS: In every promotion, many malls lose the manageability of the created mailing, needing to create a new one in every new campaign – it’s more cost-effective to sell this mailing to the credit auditorship company.
  13. 13. CASE 11 CLIENT INDUSTRY: Scaffolding, shoring and propping systems 1. CHALLENGE: To make an event about the Belo Horizonte branch launching, emphasizing the quality of services provided to the region’s construction companies. 2. SOLUTION: Turning the event into a vernissage, displaying in paintings, sculptures, footages and other means the construction engineering works where the company was present, treating the construction works as artworks. 3. WHY IT WORKS: Vernissages are full of glamour and appreciation for their guests, while the transformation of construction works into artworks brings the client relationship with construction companies closer.
  14. 14. CASE 12 CLIENT INDUSTRY: Zootechnical solutions 1. CHALLENGE: To help cattle breeders control the quantity of immunocastrating vaccines without waste or incomplete cycles. 2. SOLUTION: In places where the immunocastrating medicine and the jet injector are sold, would also be sold bovine earrings containing RFID chips, which would transmit data about the quantity of already received vaccines directly into an app installed in the vaccine enforcer’s mobile device. 3. WHY IT WORKS: As the immunocastration is done as in an assembly line, it´s easy to use an RFID database managing system which geographically indicates the location of each immunocastrated animal in each of the three cycles.
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