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Nature Matters (or How to save the planet)


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A series of tips on how to save the environment. Bear in mind this presentation was created by my son but because he isn't 18 years old yet, I'm posting it here for him.

I'd love to hear your thoughts about the presentation on the comments. Go ahead and comment!

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Nature Matters (or How to save the planet)

  1. Nature matters (or How to save the Planet) By João Paulo Alves
  2. This is Earth Not actual size
  3. It is extremely small Sun (too big to fit on this graphic) Jupiter Saturn Source: Wikipedia
  4. Yet it is treated as if its resources were infinite They are clearly not!
  5. Problems are
  6. There are all sorts of problems Global warming Deforestation Lack of fresh watter
  7. Earth is getting hot.
  8. Green house gases are causing this