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  1. 1. Author Name : Henri kalm Romancing by the FireFor this Valentine’s Day I came up with a great idea. Instead of going somewhere and paying quite a lot for that, I decided to celebrate my wife and our love by spending a romantic evening in our home. It was quite out of the blue that I found out about this idea. For my birthday, I got a gift card to a spa where I got a hot stone massage. Upon going there, I was very doubtful and thought it was a very womanly thing to do. After lying on the massage table for 10 minutes, I was more than pleased and relaxed. I usuallygo to sports massage every week and it can get quite rough, but here the muscles aremassaged very gently and, moreover, they are first warmed with hot stones. On thetable, enjoying the relaxed feeling, I thought this hot stone massage would be anamazing thing to do with my wife.The following day I went online, ordered a hot stone massage kit and started planningthe Valentine’s Day. I decided that it would be the best to do the massage and eat thedinner in front of our fireplace. It is actually funny that no matter what event ourfireplace turns almost always as the best place to celebrate the event. And thefireplacehas been around for already a decade. We got so lucky with the fireplace; beingengineered and produced in Finland, our Uunisepät fireplace has never caused us anygray hair. We have to thank our friends, though, for telling us about Uunisepät forthey got a fireplace from Uunisepät, too. So, this Valentine’s Day I am going toarrange a dinner and a hot stone massage in front of the fireplace for my wife. Otherthings that I have to take into account also the cooking part, a good bottle of wineand the music.No matter how much work there is, and it might even feel like there is not enough time,never take time away from spending time with your loved ones. Set your priorities right.
  2. 2. Creating an AtmosphereHum ans are ve ry re cep tive to at osphe re and one can s traigh t away sense, usually msubconscious l whe the r the p lace is attrac tive o r not. Home is a p lace that shou l y, dalways fee l attrac tive to its owne rs, bu t unfo rtunate l too fe w o f us re ally pay y,atten tion to th is. The re are quite a fe w ways to m ake you r home attrac tive and thebes t th ing is to choose the righ t ones pe rsonally fo r you and you r fam il y.I have no ticed that a war house is always cozy and attrac tive. Howeve r, do no t go move rboard and m ake it too ho t to the poin t that eve ryone s tarts sweating – it is no tsupposed to be a sauna! Make su re all you r windows are seal we ll in o rde r to avoid edany le akages that wou l m ake the house co l r and the e l d de ectricity bill highe r. Anitem that creates needed war th and he l you cu t the ene rgy bill is a fi rep lace. m psHoweve r,m ake su re it has been enginee red we ll, like the fi rep laces at Uunisep ä t. We go t ou rfirep lace fo r the Finnish firep lace com pany called Uunisep ä t and have been ab l to m esave up to 30% in e l ectricity cos ts. A firep lace is also a great mood creato r and youcan always cudd l up next to it with a good book and a g lass o f wine. eEve ryone shou l de finite ly pay atten tion to ligh ting. Ligh ting is u tte rly im portan t dwhen se tting the mood fo r diffe ren t th ings. In you r office o r wo rkspace the ligh tsshou l be b righ t and positioned in a way that the y shine on you r desk. In bed room , dhoweve r, the ligh ts shou l be a bit dim and possib ly even o f peach co lo r to so ften the dat osphe r In bath room s it is also ad vised to use war tones if you ge t co l easil m e. m d y.All in all, rem em be r to pay atten tion to you r su rroundings and especially you r home. Iwoke up to the re ali ty fe w ye ars ago and find m y home to be m y sanctuary nowadays.Thanks to ou r firep lace from Uunisep ä t, ad j ted ligh ting sys tem and +23 degrees, m y usfam ily and I can com e home afte r a long day at wo rk o r schoo l and jus t re lax. Fireplaces in HomesEveryone has probably seen tens of different options of fireplaces, at least in themovies. The shapes, the colors and the designs vary greatly but usually the fireplaceslook like they are from the same mold. Why is that? And if you want an up-to-datefireplace, where to look for it?I have been in the fireplace jungle for a few years now, ever since I got the fireplacefrenzy and firmly decided upon having a fireplace in my home. I have visited more than
  3. 3. a dozen o f firep lace s to res live and m any mor virtu ally on line. Many com panies offe r etrad itional b rick firep laces bu t I wan ted some thing special and neve r se ttled fo r thetrad itional. Also, one shou l always pay atten tion to the enginee ring o f a firep lace , dbecause a firep lace is no t me r ly an eye candy, it is also a heate r. Afte r a fe w emonths’ o f research, I s tum b l upon a Finnish fi rep lace com pany called Uunisep ä t. On edthe ir website I found incredib l fi rep lace designs: shiny s l b lack, white s tone with a e eekp lace fo r the logs and m any mor I was th ri lled , because finally the re was a chance r me to find a firep lace o f m y liking. Howeve r, then I go t scared ; m aybe the y we rejus t abou t design and no t abou t enginee ring. A week afte r m y finding, I wen t to theirs to re . Lucky fo r me, Uunisep ä t had one o f the bes t enginee ring that the re is in theindus try. I had a long discussion with them abou t the enginee ring and heat rese rvingfirep laces ve rsus deco rative firep laces. The s taff at Uunisep ä t was greatly he l fu l pand in abou t two monthsI was sitting in m y ar chair in m y living room in fron t o f m y ve ry own fi rep lace called mGalaxy.Looking back I am truly happy to have been so picky about my fireplace. I went outthere and found out about all the options that I had. A fireplace is an investment andyou should not take it lightly and just get any fireplace on the market. A goodfireplace will last you decades and decades and won’t cause you gray hair. So putyour time into finding the right fireplace and you will be more than pleased. Engineering Where It MattersI am the kind of person that pays attention to little things and I never want to pay forsomething that is not worth every penny it costs. The things that I find to be worth themoney are the things that are dependent on engineering and materials. This includesthings such as cars, electronics and fireplaces.Everyone knows how a well-engineered car behaves in contrast to a normal Koreancar – no offence. Cars, such as Bugatti and McLaren, are engineered to the pin andthey perform as a charm. But then of course, the price of those super cars is beyondanything we normal immortals could ever even imagine paying. Never mind the upkeeping costs…Engineering matters also in electronics. If you buy a smart phone at some marketplace in China, it won’t last you for years and it sure doesn’t have any guarantee.Also, the parts used in the phone are of those cheap ones so do not rely on it to workfor long. On the other hand, smart phone brands that have made a name on theirproducts and are steadily selling are usually the ones that are well engineered and,
  4. 4. thus, wo rk and se rve the ir owne r we ll. And if some thing is wrong, you can usuallycoun t on the guaran tee.Howeve r, su rp risingly enginee ring coun ts also in fi rep laces. Firep laces in whichenginee ring the re was some though t pu t in to are usually no t only heating bu t alsoheat rese rving and give away heat s te adily fo r hou rs. This is some thing that I le arnedwhen I bough t m y firep lace from Uunisep ä t.Uunisep ä t is a Finnish firep lace com pany that pu ts a lo t o f e ffo rt in to enginee ring. Itre ally does m atte r whe the r the fi rep lace is rese rving heat o r no t and afte r having m yfirep lace from Uunisep ä t, I have no ticed that it re ally does save me money. If it is doingit p rope rl then you save quite a lo t in heating cos ts and you don’t have to wo rry y,abou t any dange rous fum es o r sm oke.I have been looking in to enginee ring and its bene fit-cos t ratio and I have to say thatm any o f the th ings that are we ll enginee red and are o f quality mat rials are ede finite ly wo rth eve ry penny. For More Information, query and suggetion please contact to: