A fireplace makes the real home


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A fireplace makes the real home

  1. 1. A fireplace makes the real homeSnowy cold winters have got builders to think about heating solutions for theirhouses. The price of electricity is still on the rise and the share of the heating ofthe house energy bill is substantial. Cheaper and more energy and environmentfriendly options are in high demand currently.Traditionally, the fireplace is purchased by the private renovator of the house. Inthis case, the heating methods of the house are carefully considered and planned.Most renovators use the products from reliable manufacturers like Uunisepät;few people choose to make the fireplace from the scratch, because it takeslonger, and arket is flooded with affordable choices.In the delivery of brand new homes, a fireplace is usually included. Housemanufacturers choose their partners carefully, since the completion of the houseis on a tight schedule and changes often confuse the entire construction scheduleand cause further delays. It is also important that the subcontractor is able todeliver finished materials, where the parts fit and functionality is secured.Uunisepät has been the preferred partner for many house manufacturers forlong. The delivery includes the fireplace chimney and pipe together with theactual fireplace. For every house the most suitable fireplace has been chosencarefully. The buyer can naturally change the fireplace in the limits of the heatedsurface area and chimney regulations. An fireplace expert is involved in the wholeconstruction process, and making sure that all the steps related to the fireplacein the house building process are proceed smoothly.The fireplace safety should be tested according to the local regulations and mostcommonly used materials. In Finland, the 600 millimeters thick intermediate baseis typical roof structure, so the fireplace chimney should be suitable with thismaterial. The compatibility of the fireplace and the chimney is of utmostimportance. The T600 standardized chimney takes the hottest temperature, sothat should be used in saunas and fireplaces providing hot temperatures. Forsmaller fireplaces used occasionally this chimney might be too heavy a choice:then for example T400 marked chimneys can be used.
  2. 2. Warmth and atmosphere in a cottage with the fireplace Wood is an excellent and ecological source of heat in the cottage. In addition tosauna, wood burns well in the fireplace. The new half heat reserved fireplaces are well suited for use in the cottage, as they warm up quickly, retain the heat and look stylish (see, for example, the collections of Uunisepät).Finns love their cottages. The cottage is the summer home and the place forspending long holidays. It is the place for escape and relax, getaway from the cityand place to be without restrictions from the social pressure. Nowadays isgetting more common to visit the cottage at winter times also; however, mostcottages have been furnished only to be summer homes, and the vital elementslike heating are missing from the cottages.Choosing the right fireplace to the cottage has not been easy. Options have beenmainly restricted to two possibilities: either stove type of fireplace or heatreserved fireplace. Both options have their pros and cons. The stove type offireplace provides the heat almost instantly and cold cottage warms up quickly.Heat maintaining is however poor, unless the fire is kept all the times in thefireplace. Reserved fireplace maintain the heat, but a big mass of the fireplacemust be heated slowly and carefully in order to avoid cracking, so for the fastand short-term heating the reserved fireplace is not suitable.There is a need for fireplaces suitable for the demands of cottage heating andthis has been noticed by fireplace manufacturers. New half reserved fireplaceshave been introduced to market lately. They give heat quickly, such as light stovetype fireplaces, but also reserve the warmth of the fireplace like true reservedfireplaces. This type of fireplace is suitable for cottage heating, which typicallyis during autumn to spring times and only on weekends. Regulations for fireplacesIn Finland, all factory-made fireplaces manufactured must be CE markedaccording to EN-standards. This regulation will be legal from the beginning of2012. These fireplace standards are product standards, which mean that they can
  3. 3. be affixed to equipment on the basis of the CE mark. These standards must befollowed all the big European manufacturers like Uunisepät.All fireplaces must pass standardization tests in future. In the test,concentration of carbon monoxide or carbon monoxide emissions is beingmeasured. The level of carbon monoxide emissions must be under 0.3% and theefficiency of the fireplace must be over 70%. The fireplace according to the CEstandards cannot cool down too quickly from the surface. In Finland, thisthreshold is set at 6 hours, ie the surface of the fireplace must not be less than6 hours, which means that the fireplace cannot cool to 50% of the surfacetemperature at this peak.Factory-made chimneys have their own EN standards and CE marking, dependingon the type of chimney. Chimneys have been divided according to the categoriesof heat, from which T600 is the highest. Safety distances are changing longerwhen the temperature class grows. For example for fireplaces from Uunisepätthe T400-class chimney is recommended for at least. Sauna fireplaces areprescribed T600-class chimney. It is the task of the fireplace manufacturer todetermine which temperature and size the chimney is compatible with thefireplace.The chimney is designed and dimensioned being suitable for the fireplace and sothat it will achieve a sufficient traction, fire safety (safety distances), life andstrength. Chimney sizing information and selection criteria will be based on thechimney CE marking. Chimney and fireplace from the same manufacturer is usuallythe best option, as they are tested and working together flawlessly. Uunisepätgives their fireplaces 3-year warranty, and for the fireplaces’ frame thewarranty of 10 years.As demand grows, and the customer requirements and preferences change, it isimportant that the manufacturer of the fireplace is closely involved in theproduct development. Safety, functionality and suitability must be kept at thedays’ level. Product design and full service are important factors in choosing thefireplace, but CE markings and extensive testing should be valued the most.Reliable testing is, above all, necessity for the environment, and also became aplace in the users interests.