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Making Core Games in HTML5


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Henric Suuronen, President & Co-Founder of NonStop Games shares his views on making core games in html5 at OnGameStart conference in Warsaw, Poland, September 2012

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Making Core Games in HTML5

  1. Making CoreGames in HTML5Henric SuuronenPresident & Co-Founder
  2. Social Games since September 2007 President and Co-Founder Head of Studio Director of Product ManagementHenric Suuronen@henricgames
  3. State of (HTML5) NonStopGames Market Approach
  4. State of HTML5?
  5. State of HTML5?
  6. Should we beworried?
  7. Instead of lookingat press, let’s lookat what sells!
  8. *TOP GROSSING iPhone What Sells?USA 13.9 Can be done equal or better with HTML5
  9. What if CasualGames/Apps is notthe way to go?
  10. We also didfirstCasual, andeven hadsuccess!
  11. >30% >1M1-day retention pictures painted Both Games Live But no new updates
  12. New Focus: Games for Gamers
  13. - BETA this year - iOS Wrapper - Web & iOS launch Sign-up for
  14. State of (HTML5) NonStopGames Market Approach
  15. Complex LayeredStrategy / Optimization
  16. Why is depth good for html5? “Focusing on fidelity misses the point of what a lot of strategy gamers are looking for.” Kevin Chou, CEO Kabam 27th August 2012 VentureBeat
  17. Resource / UnitManagement aspect
  18. Resource / Unit Managementneeds plenty of re-balancing Games not updated Games-always up-to-date  problems to native  advantage to hybrid resource games games
  19. More Resources / Units More Revenue
  20. More Social Interaction:PvP, Chat, Alliances
  21. This is NOT social!
  22. This is Social PvP Trading Chatting Forming Alliances Sending resources Helping newbies
  23. Value from Wait across-platform minute, why did FB abandon html5? messaging More social
  24. Time sensitivity PvP Fantasy Sports Trading Bidding Online Dating
  25. Evolve PrototypeEVERY Day!
  26. HTML5 enables FAST prototyping D a i l y p l a y s e s s i o n o
  27. Being Passionate Aboutyour Game
  28. Which one to work 9-to-5 with?
  29. Not passionate about Granny Games!
  30. Work with the games YOU arePassionate about!(Be that then granny, casual, midcore, core games, board games, cardgames)
  31. Games for Gamers Making Core Games in HTML5 1. Complex Strategy in Layers 2. Resource/Unit Mngmt 3. PvP, Alliances, Chat 4. Daily Prototyping 5. Passion Required
  32. Sign-up for
  33. THANK YOU!(Slides available on @henricgames) Henric Suuronen, President & Co-Founder