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Killer Benefits of HTML5 in Games


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Most companies working on HTML5 for games talk only about the cross-platform advantages of HTML5. For Non-Stop Games and the game Dollar Isle the cross-platform aspect is only a bonus - there are many other killer benefits. This session will run through the development of the social virtual world Dollar Isle ( and how HTML5 allows a new sort of distribution titled "Game as a Link". This disruptive distribution model can dramatically improve the virality of a game and also decrease customer acquisition costs.

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Killer Benefits of HTML5 in Games

  1. 1. 1 #1 in Mobile Browser GamesKiller Benefits ofHTML5 in gamesHenric SuuronenPresident & Co-Founder * Formerly known as GamesMadeMe
  2. 2. Social Games since September 2007 President and Co-Founder Head of Studio Director of Product ManagementHenric Suuronen@henricgames
  3. 3. www.paintstars.netCompany is Born San Francisco Office March August April 2012 Singapore Office Opens Rebranding
  4. 4. State Benefits Future
  5. 5. HTML5 HYPE?
  6. 6. Where are the games?
  7. 7.
  8. 8.
  9. 9. The “instragram” for
  10. 10. Reality check?1. Most games tech demos2. Few built for HTML5 ground-up3. Platforms, not games
  11. 11. State Benefits Future
  12. 12. Write once, run everywhere Same codebase
  13. 13. 1. Same codebase 70% Back-end 40% Front• Browser to browser on desktop is fairly simple• Mobile needs more love• Performance. Bugs (especially Android).• UI needs a lot of work• Game design harder than the programming
  14. 14. ’Everyone’ can play (at least everyone with a modern browser)
  15. 15. 2. ‘Everyone’ can play• Big thing for social games• little effect to single player or HC games Wow, that game looks great but I don’t have an iphone
  16. 16. ’Game as a link’
  17. 17. ‘Game as a Link’ Distribution Revolutionary distribution model with no waterfalls NonStop Pin your favorite Game/DrawingPlay the game inside the twitter Games Cloud and create a link to game app from friends’ tweets Users stay inside Flipboard Any place on desktop/mobile Any Social Network where you can share a link while playing (Safari window)
  18. 18. It’s not Flash (=it’s ”open”)
  19. 19. 4. It’s Open
  20. 20. Game always up-to-date
  21. 21. <
  22. 22. 5. Games always up-to-date• Social games are frequently updated• Makes A/B testing much easier
  23. 23. Not dependent on App Stores
  24. 24. …ButYou also lose the biggest benefits of app stores Discovery Payments (If you don’t wrap it into native)
  25. 25. Instant accessibility
  26. 26. Search #dollarisle inside iPad Twitter
  27. 27. SummaryKiller Benefits of HTML51. Same code base2. Everyone can play3. Game as a Link4. It’s open5. Always up-to-date6. No App store dependency7. Instant Accessibility
  28. 28. BUT….• Faster/Easier to code a myth• Discovery problems• Payments• Animations, performance issues• Limited game types you can do• No sounds
  29. 29. We don’t make HTML5 because itis easy, we make itbecause it is hard!
  30. 30. State Benefits Future
  31. 31. HTML5 Going forward • Browsers will get better • More ’app-like’ behaviour for HTML5 • New distribution (GREE, Pokki…) • Better Payment • Facebook App Center? • First REAL hit game
  32. 32. THANK YOU!(Slides available on @henricgames) Henric Suuronen, President & Co-Founder