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Black Hawk Online Games has your back covered when it comes to online gaming — from all sorts of multi-player online games to offline ones. Our constantly updated Blog features game reviews, console updates and latest installments (and cheats, when we feel extra generous). We have info on racing, shooting, adventure, RPGs and all-in-ones like the BlackHawk Striker (we do tend to steer clear of cutesy games). Black Hawk Online Games also provides an avenue for you to get in touch with fellow gamers from all over the world. Black Hawk Online Games encourages interactive communication along with the reminder that we should keep it nice and clean (read: no flaming or spamming). Black Hawk Online Games is committed in helping y’all the best gaming experience so feel free to browse everything on our archives.

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Online game reviews black hawk mines

  1. 1. Black Hawk Online Games has your back covered when it comes to online gaming — from all sorts ofmulti-player online games to offline ones. Our constantly updated Blog features game reviews, consoleupdates and latest installments (and cheats, when we feel extra generous).We have info on racing, shooting, adventure, RPGs and all-in-ones like the BlackHawk Striker (we dotend to steer clear of cutesy games).Black Hawk Online Games also provides an avenue for you to get in touch with fellow gamers from allover the world. Black Hawk Online Games encourages interactive communication along with thereminder that we should keep it nice and clean (read: no flaming or spamming).Black Hawk Online Games is committed in helping y’all the best gaming experience so feel free tobrowse everything on our archives.
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  4. 4. Black Hawk Online Games : Norway terrorist admits to online game addiction Self-confessed terrorist Anders Behring Breivik has been found to be addicted to computer games (spending thousands of hours playing war games) years prior to his bombing and killing on July 22. Authorities have discovered computer logs that show Breivik has spent 8,700 hours playing war games from 2006 to 2010. In fact, records show that he played 500 hours of World of Warcraft between November 2010-April 2011 alone. Aside from playing WoW, Breivik was also into Elder Scrolls, Modern Warfare, Warhammer and Dragon Age. According to him, he spent all his time playing in the months prior to his July 22 attacks. Breivik started playing WoW in 2006 and authorities are inclined to believe that he played the game for up to 12 hours per day in a 2-year period. It should also be noted that he used terms from the game in the ‘manifesto’ he wrote. According to Breivik, playing war games was only to hide his terrorist plans. He added that he devoted almost one year in playing games to reward himself.
  5. 5. Now, police are trying to investigate if Breivik has been in touch with other gamers or if he belongs to a playergroup through obtaining information from game manufacturers. This is because certain information show that hehas been logged onto 2 computer units at the same time — Breivik might have paid others to play on behalf ofhim.WoW is the most popular role-playing game in the world, boasting of over 10 million registered users (70,000 ofwhich are in Norway). People are now anxious to know what possible factors could have affected Breivik andtwisted his mindset because experts have already warned of the possible damaging effects from spending muchtime on playing computer games.On Friday, the court ordered that Breivik be placed under psychiatric observation to know his mental state prior tothe start of trials.During the last part of 2011, an initial test by 2 psychiatrists reached a conclusion that Breivik is schizophrenic,which, when taken into legal context, means that he is insane. However, due to widespread outcry defying thatconclusion, the court has scheduled a new assessment.
  6. 6. Two experts appointed by the court are set to reach a conclusion on April 10, before the trial beginson the 16th. This means that they will need to work in the prison to observe Breivik’s behaviorthroughout the day.On July 22, Breivik set off a car bomb outside a building in Oslo that killed 8 and then proceeded toUtoeya island where he disguised himself as a policeman and killed 69 people attending a summercamp. He keeps on claiming that he has done all that for the sake of ‘their’ crusade against the‘Muslim invasion’ in Europe.
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  8. 8. Black Hawk Reviews – Online Games: Spacewar! remake after 50 years MIT students celebrated the golden anniversary of Spacewar! — which is one of the first video games in history — by recreating it on a computer that can be handled on the palm of your hand. Four students of MIT began creating the game Spacewar! during their free time in 1961 and finished it in February 1962. It was built on the Digital Equipment PDP-1, a computer unit around the size of an ordinary refrigerator. The game features two spaceships attempting to shoot each other down, with one of the spaceships under the control of the player. Massachusetts’ engineering students showcased their work at the museum of MIT. This process of turning a 50-year old game to a modern one is almost likened to digital archeology. It must be difficult to port it into a modern programming language for it is very low-level considering the time it was created. In addition to that, it used a lot of tricks specific to the machine it was first built on due to the limitations they had on the software.
  9. 9. The students transferred the software to the Arduino platform, a microprocessor the size of handheld gadget.The game was not really meant for commercial purposes but only for the enjoyment of the creators. In fact,majority of Americans barely had access to a PDP-1 at that time. During the 1970′s it became a commercial successwhen it appeared in arcade platforms and personal gaming consoles like the Atari 2600.This anniversary of Spacewar! came amidst the most recent sales figures of video games in the American marketthis month that showed a decline of millions.According to a consumer group, sales of video games went down by 34%, despite the USD 1.14 billion sales. This iscompared to sales figures of January last year. The outlook seems to be even more worse for video game consoles,sustaining a fall of 38% in sales.Most experts are thinking that this decrease in sales is only because of the low number of new game releases. Butseveral games did sell well including Call of Duty, NBA 2K12 and Elder Scrolls.
  10. 10. Others are considering this fall as a weakness in the economy and a lack in spending power of theconsumers.At any rate, this does not bode good for the video game industry, led by Sony who plans tointroduce the latest version of PlayStation in the coming weeks, called Vita.This fall in January was also seen in the United Kingdom, another big market in terms of videogames.
  11. 11. Black Hawk Reviews – Online Games : Zynga launching own game website Zynga is planning to launch a new gaming service that will enable users to play on their own website without logging in Facebook, possibly cutting traffic dramatically in the leading social network. This move is the game firm’s boldest move to build their own online presence apart from Facebook, the source of 93% of their profit. Investor reactions seem to be generally positive as Zynga’s stocks rose by 10% to USD 14.48. An analyst says the Zynga’s creation of their own web portal will certainly make them more independent which is good in maintaining a separate brand that is not always connected to Facebook. But considering that they are not really going to pull out of the Facebook setup, their earnings probably won’t suffer that much. Their re-imagined web portal is planned to come live before the month ends, aiming to make it easier for users to play games. The game portal Zynga has envisioned also includes quick access to message boards and live chat where players can communicate.
  12. 12. Five of the leading games of the firm is set to debut on their new site,, that include Words with Friends,CityVille and CastleVille.The chief operating officer of Zynga announced that players can choose opponents in games even if they are notfriends on Facebook.But according to Zynga, they simply do not want users to be limited to a single destination for them to be able toplay. They can still choose if they want to play on the new Zynga website, on Facebook or on mobile.Games from Electronic Arts and Zynga are a big reason why users are logged in Facebook for long periods of time.Their website is set to offer third-party games along with Zynga games, live chat and profiles. Introducing a stand-alone site is a huge step away from Facebook where the gaming company has become viral.