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Fa2012 studio asignment3_henning_thomsen

  1. 1. “Typically architects are more aware of the differences that seperatethem, giving their work an aura of novelty and originality. This leavesbehind the common references and goals that contribute to the long-term relevance of their work.” Dalibor Vesely in Architecture in the Age of Divided Representation, 2004Common GroundA Tributarium for Danish Rowing at Islands Brygge SydAssignment 3Faculty: Henning Thomsen
  2. 2. DIS Architecture + Design Fall 2012Assignment 3: A Tributarium for Danish Rowing The Theme “Can single buildings contribute to the formation of common ground?” Thus begins David Leatherbarrows contribution to David Chipperfields critical reader, Common Ground, that was prepared for this years Venice Architecture Biennale - which incidentally Chipperfield is curating. This will be the theme for the third assignment. The theme is also the theme David Chipperfield chose for the Biennale. About it he says: “I chose this theme in order to question the priorities that seem to dominate our time, priorities that focus on the individual, on privilege, on the spectacular and the special. These priorities seem to overlook the normal, the social, the common. I was concerned to encourage a more critical examination of what we share, with the awareness of what seperates us and how we are all unique. To consider our common influences, concerns and visions may help us better understand the discipline of architecture and its relation to society.”Islands Brygge Syd - the site The Commission In 2012 The Danish Rowing Federation celebrates its 125th years anniversary. Denmark has a strong tradition for rowing and has won many medals in international championships as well as in the Olympics, beginning with the first medal in London Olympics in 1912. To mark the ocassion, it has been decided to build a ‘Tributarium’ for Danish rowing. A ‘Tributarium’ is a place to study, enjoy and pay tribute to the strong rowing tradition as well as to raise the interest in rowing in general to keep the tradition alive. The building will house a collection of important rowing paraphernalia as well as more contemporary forms of interactive and digital media supported exhibitions. The Municipality has granted the Rowing Federation acces to the site on the condition, that the Tributarium will also work as an urban attractor for the new development in the area in general. Thus the Tributarium must be thought of as an inviting and inspiring place in this part of the city, a destination and a place to go to and a place where people should also be given the opportunity to hang out without necessarily going through the exhibitions.Islands Brygge Syd - the site The Area Islands Brygge is a neighborhood situated at the north-westerly part of the island of Amager. Bryggen, as it is also often referred to, was created by landfills carried out in the 1880s. The landfills were carried out to create a harbourfront and piers on which new industries were located, most prominently the Danish Soya-bean cake factory. This factory exploded on July 15 1980, killing 23 people. This was the beginning of the end for the industrial areas on Islands brygge. Since then the harbour front has been transformed from industry to residential and recreational use. Islands Brygge Havnepark (Harbour Park) featuring the harbour bath by Plot/BIG and the citizen lead park development, have transformed this area to a higly attractive location in the city. New developments further to the west are the next step. The area is very close to Amager Fælled, the green commons situated to the south - an expansive recreational area with paths for walking, running and cycling. The Plot The Danish Rowing Federation has acquired a plot in the southern harbour of Copenhagen, just across from Denmarks oldest rowing club, Copenhagen Rowing Club, established in 1866. The site is called Islands Brygge Syd and there is a local plan for the area, that stipulates a mix of residential, cultural and commercial activities. A masterplan has been created for the area that suggests a new artificial creek in connection with the existing harbour. The creek works as the divider between the two different areas in the masterplan, one being the continuation of the block/courtyard structure to the north, the other being the more free layout of towers, rowhouses and individual buildings to the south. Currently there are ideas to have two connections across the new creek, one a path and bridge to the front at the very edge of the harbour, and the other, a road and bridge that will connect to the existing Islands Brygge road. The site itself is on the southern part towards the harbour front as indicated on the drawing to the left.Islands Brygge Syd - proposed masterplan
  3. 3. DIS Architecture + Design Fall 2012Assignment 3: A Tributarium for Danish Rowing Readings David Chipperfield, Introduction, in Common Ground - a critical reader/ Venice Biennale of Architecture 2012 David Leatherbarrow: The Sacrifice of Space, in Common Ground - a critical reader/ Venice Biennale of Architecture 2012 Jan Gehl, Ch. 2 Senses and scale + The city at eye level: 12 quality criteria + The city at eye level: designing the ground floor, in Cities for People, Washington 2010 Program Requirements The sizes of the spaces are listed with approximate size, since they can vary according to the specific layout. Think of them as a guiding principles, not as set in stone. The overall building should not exceed 2 storeys and a maximum height of about 12 meters. Foyer 100 m2 Restrooms and lockers (adjacent to foyer) 50 m2 Exhibition space A (naturally lit) 400 m2 Exhibition space B (naturally lit) 200 m2 Digital exhibition space (black box area) 200 m2 Delivery and storage 100 m2 Fitness activity space 200 m2 Changing rooms, lockers, bath and sauna 100 m2 Reading and study room 100 m2 Café 100 m2 Kitchen, Restrooms, Cloakroom (adjacent to café) 100 m2 Administration 100 m2Palazzo Chiericati, Vicenza, Italy, by Andrea Palladio, 1550 Total (approximate) 1750 m2 Outdoor terraces 200 m2 Additional program on the site Public space, path and potential bridge on harbour front Process Assignment 2 is subdivided into two phases referred to as: concept development and architectural development. Throughout the project, working with analytical diagrams, sketch models and 3D representations will be emphasized. Consideration of the following should be included in the studies: Space: Detail: • Thematic reflections • TectonicsPalazzo Chiericati, Vicenza, Italy, by Andrea Palladio, 1550 • Statement of intent • Facade • Programmatic and spatial organization • Materials and surfaces • Structural principles • Daylight and artificial light • Composition and scale • Circulation Final Presentation Requirements: Context map 1:500 Statement of intent Inspiration material and/or reference photos Diagrams in various scales Site plan 1:200 Floor plans 1:100 Sections and elevations 1:100 Model 1:100 3D representations, interior and exteriorPalazzo Chiericati, Vicenza, Italy, by Andrea Palladio, 1550
  4. 4. DIS Architecture + Design Fall 2012Assignment 3: A Tributarium for Danish Rowing Presentation Format Final drawings are to be presented on a DIS board, 120 cm x 120 cm. A name tag, provided by the AD office, must be placed along the top edge of the board for the submission to be counted as on time. All materials are due on Dec 3 at 22:00. A digital presentation is acceptable if material is uploaded to the server by submission deadline. If presenting digitally, the student must at least provide b/w prints of the scheme on board; projector requests must be made in the AD-office one week prior to the submission deadline. Submission of Assignments All presentation material must be supplemented with a digital submission of the presentation boards including photos of physical models. This requirement is necessary for grading and archival purposes for DIS, as well as documentation you will need for your own portfolio. Digital submission of this material must beAmericas Cup Pavilion, Valencia, Spain, uploaded to Blackboard before the final project deadline (typically 10:00 pm theby David Chipperfield, 2006 night before presentations). Plotting To avoid plotter backup and breakdowns, we offer to plot your boards for you (anything larger than A3). If you would like the AD staff to plot your board, please submit it to AD Documents by 09:00 on Monday Dec 3! Submit to the folder: AD_Documents>To_AD_Department>FA12>Asn3_Plot_ Submissions> AD_Documents can be accessed in the following computer labs: V10-B35 F24-406 File Size No file over 10 megabytes will be plotted! Files MUST be in PDF format! Please be aware that the maximum plot size 105cm x 150cm. Make sure your file size fits within these dimensions! Keep in mind the boards we provide for pin-up are 120cm x 120cm. File Naming for Submission All files submitted to DIS Forum or AD_Documents MUST follow the AD file namingRiver and Rowing Museum, Henley, UK system: Lastname_Firstname_COURSE_Content_SEMESTERDavid Chipperfield, 1997 ex. Boots_Ashley_AD_Asn3_FA12 Khudairi_Samer_IA_Asn3_FA12 Plotting on your own You are welcomg to plot on your own anytime before the 09:00 deadline. If you miss the 09:00 deadline or if you choose to plot on your own, please be patient and wait for the submitted plots to finish printing before you begin. Evaluation Evaluation is based on daily work in studio (process) 40% and final presentation (completion of assignment goals including: concept, context, function, completeness and presentation) 60%. Overall Schedule Fr Oct 19 13:15-17:00 Intro Assignment 3 We Nov 07 8:30 - 19:00 Charette Fr Nov 09 13:15 - 17:00 Studio Gallery CritMuseum of Modern Literature, Marbach, Germany Mo Dec 03 09:00 Plot sumissionsby David Chipperfield, 2006 22:00 Project due Tu Dec 04 09:15-16.00 Final Presentation We Dec 05 09.15-16.00 Final Presentation Fr Dec 07 13:15-17:00 Follow up consultations