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  1. 1. User documentation for the stress management programme. It is recommended that you takes the lessons one at a time from the top down. There should be a reflective period of sometime between taking each lesson. Spread the lessons out over a number of days. There is a lot of information for you to processes. Then there is the problem of connecting the dots (a metaphor). Taking time and repeating some bits will allow your brain time to develop the connections needed to comprehend the material. Our brain has to grow neural connections for you to fully understand, comprehend and apply new learning to your situation. When the lessons have been completed they can be repeated in any sequence the learner chooses. It is necessary to revisit this material as your awareness of stress will increases from daily observation and activities as you progress through the material. Reinforcement through repetition is good way to encourage behavioural change. This is the main moderator means of communication. Not the play, pause, and repeat buttons. The moderator will pace you through the material and explain the main message for each lesson. Be patient, times is required for you to assimilate new language and new concepts. This material is meant to point you in the right direction and motivate you to take stress prevention in your own hands. Play, Pause Repeat Play the video first and when it is finished then click on the other buttons will give best results.
  2. 2. The test selection is for you to check your understanding of the material. It might be best to do this after you have completed all the lessons. The mail 2 me section is for you to send me comments on how you are finding the lessons and for me to answer your questions on the material. Constructive feedback is always appreciate as it will help me improve the material. Learning outcomes for each lesson: The evolutionary view This is to help you understand why stress, anxiety, and fear are part of human nature. It is healthy to respond to stressful situations appropriately it increases out confidence when we get it right. Every day stresses: This lesson shows how everyday stress should be avoided or reduced if possible. As an accumulation of minor stress can leave no resources for major stress when they come along. We can literally become full to the top if we don’t have a release valve Your comfort zone: This lesson shows how we can move from our comfort zone in to the eustress or excitement zone and then in to the distress zone. Understanding how these zones interact can give us the ability to control out acceptable levels of stress. And deliberately move at will between these zones will help us to control and reduce stressor in our lives The life stage model This is trying to explain the Erick Erickson’s model of human life stages. We all have a history from birth to now. It is normal to have some stressful times as a child an young adult etc. . The degree of stress and frequent can imprints a pattern of thinking that makes the person more sensitive to stressors. Learning about this can start the journey of reconciliation with one’s self. Worry Being a worrier is a habituated behaviour. The events are out of our control worrying about an outcome is useless. It only robes
  3. 3. Stress reduction This lesson explain four activities that can reduce stress. This will help you to actively take control on a regular basis, to lower the stress thermostat, much like taking the top of a bottle of sparkling water or turning the heat of when the kettle is boiled. Mindfulness Meditation This lesson will give you the ability to control your thought patters which can exaggerate the emotions associate with stress. Reducing the emotional charge that accompanier fear, anxiety and distress can allow for a clearer perspective. Advice from Pinocchio This is a metaphor for the pushes and pulls of our external and internal world. These makes you move in involuntary directions. Our drives and motivations are as strings animating the puppet (myself). You will learn to recognise the negative strings and take responsibility for removing them or use the push to go in a direction you want to go. Learning new things takes time. Be patient with your self . Undue criticism is destructive.