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Look before you leap externship-job shadowing program


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Presentation highlighting UCF's job shadowing program (externship) at the 2012 FCPA conference

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Look before you leap externship-job shadowing program

  1. 1. Look Before You Leap Externships Develop, Grow and Strengthen a Job Shadowing Program Heather Engelking, MPA
  2. 2. What Is An Externship?• a one-day to week-long, voluntary job shadowing experience• First hand exposure to environments and professionals in a career of interest• students observe and interact with employer hosts gaining insight into reality based aspects of their future careers – acquire an understanding of expectations related to a profession in a “real world” work environment
  3. 3. Externship FactsAn Externship:  Is not an Internship and does not offer permanent employment with an employer  is completely voluntary and there is no financial compensation or academic credit earned  can be completed in Orlando or at other host employer locations (Other FL cities, or out of the state)
  4. 4. Benefits of an ExternshipFor Students: For Employers:• Gain a realistic perspective of a • Educate future professionals in career field, facilitating career your field decision making • Recruit new talent (internship,• Investigate needed job skills co-ops, PT/FT employees• Make new connections/network • Brand your on-campus identity with students and staff• Possibly find a mentor • Brush up on what students are• Assess your fit with an learning in the classroom occupation • Expand or develop relationship• Discuss your future academic with Career Services track with professionals with • Understand what it takes to first-hand experience mentor• Professional awareness (savvy) • Give back to the community
  5. 5. Externship Activities• Determined by employer host• Hands-on or observational• A “day in the life”• Involve key team members• Defining structure and creating agenda works best• More than a “sales pitch”
  6. 6. Externship Program at UCF• Coordinate 3 programs a year – Spring (March), Summer (August), Winter (December)• Open to ALL majors – Supporting all industries• Open to ALL class levels – Freshman, Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors, Post Bac, Graduate and Alumni within 1 semester after graduation• Career Services Staff/Resources – Assistant Director supervision, Graduate Assistant manages program (20 hrs/week), Volunteer – Marketing/Graphic Design, Webcourses, Online Registration
  7. 7. Evolution of the Externship Program at UCF• Initial implementation: Spring Break-March 2003 – 14 students and 9 employers• Online registration• Mandatory in-person student orientation• Optional in-person student reflection session after externship• 2 Sessions: Spring Break (March) and Winter Break (December)
  8. 8. Evolution of the Externship Program at UCF • Winter Break Externship 2008 – 58 students and 43 employers • Funding interrupted – Winter Break Externship 2009 cancelled Spring Break Externship 2010Registrations Matches Drop Outs Completers◊ 191 students ◊ 105 students ◊ 37 students ◊ 68 students◊ 61 employers ◊ 54 employers ◊ 12 employers ◊ 42 employers
  9. 9. Issues• High number of drop-outs• Mandatory in-person Orientation• Poor attendance for Reflection Sessions• Professional Expectations in the Workplace• Learning Outcomes?
  10. 10. Leveraging Technology• Articulate – Online orientation
  11. 11. Leveraging Technology• Webcourses – Manage large number of students through process
  12. 12. Leveraging Technology• Webcourses - Learning Modules – Professionalism, Networking, After Externship – Quiz
  13. 13. Leveraging Technology• Webcourses – Discussion Boards – Matched Students – Enhance interactions among registered students – Reflection Boards – Q & A Section – Feedback
  14. 14. Leveraging Technology• Survey Monkey – Online registration for students and employers
  15. 15. Recruitment & MarketingStudents Employer Hosts• Mass email to all students • KnightLink – mass email • Previous hosts• Email to past externs • Assistant Directors on Employer• Email faculty and staff Relation Team• Flyers/Palm Cards/TV slides • Career Events **• Posted on CS Website • Leverage campus connections – Community Relations• Offered “Link Loot” – Alumni Center – Medical School • Contact lists (i.e. non-profit)
  16. 16. Student Marketing
  17. 17. UCF Process• Recruitment Period (students & employers)• Students entered into Webcourses – Review Learning Modules – Discussion Board:“Why do you want to job shadow?” – Quiz• Registration Closes – Experience list (compiled employer registrations) – Ranking Assignment (students) • Only students who have passed the quiz have access to experience list for ranking assignment • Student Attrition
  18. 18. UCF Process• Matching – Preliminary Matches – Secondary Matches – Pre-selects**• Commitment Contract – Healthcare & Non-Healthcare• Career Services notifies employer hosts of matched student(s) – Name, major, class standing, email, phone• Students emailed contact information of employer host – Primary coordinator’s name, phone and email address
  19. 19. After the Externship• Evaluation / Surveys (students & employers) – Feedback & Recommendations (both) – Learning outcomes (students)• Reflection postings (students): – What did you learn? – Suggestions for improvement• Certificate of Completion (student)• Certificate of Appreciation (employer)
  20. 20. Outcomes• Winter Break 2010Registrations Matches Drop Outs Completers◊ 797 students ◊ 233 students ◊ 3 students ◊ 230 students◊ 100 employers ◊ 100 employers ◊ 1 employer ◊ 99 employers• Spring Break 2011Registrations Matches Drop Outs Completers◊ 622 students ◊ 138 students ◊ 6 students ◊ 131 students◊ 39 employers ◊ 39 employers ◊ 1 employer ◊ 38 employers About 50% of students who initially register do not complete the quiz, so are not in the pool for matching
  21. 21. Outcomes• Winter Break 2011Registrations Matches Drop Outs Completers◊ 989 students ◊ 310 students ◊ 4 students ◊ 306 students◊ 107 employers ◊ 105 employers ◊ 2 employers ◊ 105 employers• Spring Break 2012Registrations Matches Drop Outs Completers◊ 832 students ◊ 229 students ◊ 6 students ◊ 215 students◊ 105 employers ◊ 97 employers ◊ 12 employers ◊ 93 employers About 50% of students who initially register do not complete the quiz, so are not in the pool for matching
  22. 22. Best Practices• Leverage Technology• Connect with campus resources• Thought out, structured program instead of trying to wing it• Opportunity for employers to pre-select• Discussion Boards
  23. 23. Thank You! Heather Engelking Assistant Director, Employer RelationsCareer Services, University of Central Florida Heather.Engelking@ucf.eduQuestions? Comments? Visit our Website: