Fortune & Personality Traits From The Tips Of Your Fingers


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Fortune & Personality Traits From The Tips Of Your Fingers

  1. 1. Fortune & Personality Traits From The Tips Of Your FingersGuys should examine their left hands while women should look at their right hands.Here are the two different patterns of circles and waves seen on every finger. To make a reading,look at your thumb print first, then your index finger, your middle finger, your ring finger andthen your little finger in that order. This is the sequence that offers clues to your destiny &fortunes of your life.For ease of reference we shall refer to circles as Os and to waves as Ws.Fingers: OOOOO (all whorls)Means: This person is very confident, has a strong character and a hot temper. He/she is anindependent person. The luck of this person changes dramatically in life from one period to thenext. The undoing of this person will be his/her hot temper so it is vital that this person must learnto be patient and calm.Shape: WWWWW (all waves)Means: This person is a straightforward honest person who goes with the flow. The fingersindicate someone very sensitive, who is especially suited to design and creative work. Peoplewith these fingerprint patterns tend to be shy and uncomfortable in social situations, so are notsuited to work in PR, politics or any kind of workrequiring them to meet people.Shape: OWWWOMeans: If you can choose a prestigious working career, you will be very successful. However,you should avoid the tendency to get big-headed and you must never take your career for granted.You should also watch your back, as you tend to attract jealousy into your life and could getbetrayed. Always look for long-term benefits.Shape: OWWOWMeans: You will need to work harder during the early days of your career. When you reachmiddle and older age, you will get recognition and wealth luck. So your life gets better the olderyou get.Shape: OWOWWMeans: It is vital that you resist the tendency to be narrow-minded in your attitudes and in theway you think and work. Try to be humble and learn as much as possible. This is how you willget influential help that brings you to the peak of your business and career life.Shape: WOOOOMeans: You are a very clear-minded person. As long as you work hard, you are guaranteed to besuccessful. Even though you tend to be in a hurry, there will be those who help you along. Youare also a person with a kind heart.Shape: OOOOWMeans: Because you are kind and have an in-built polite attitude, you will easily get help fromolder persons and friends. You will enjoy great success in your working life and your only
  2. 2. weakness is you don’t trust people too easily. This can make you too conservative.Shape: OOOWWMeans: You have a tendency to be bad tempered, and rather quick to judge. This is a shallowattitude and could easily get you onto the wrong path. If you can correct this tendency of yours,you will have great success. The potential is in you, so try to be calm in your approach.Shape: OWWWWMeans: You have good character but can only become really successful in older age. Be preparedto have to work really hard during your younger and middle age periods, but you will become asuccessful person in older years.Shape: WOWWWMeans: You are very good in the social skills. No matter what industry you are in, you like totake risk and you will always face uncertainty. Be careful as the later years of your life couldbring yet more challenges. Take less risk as you get older.Shape: WWOWWMeans: You are a person who has high vision and heavy responsibility. Be careful. Your visionscould get you into serious difficulty. Better to stay more grounded, then your life will havegreater success.Shape: WWWOWMeans: You are very intelligent and will enjoy a lot of scholastic honours. You will have asmooth life and benefit from wealth luck. If you can work hard, you will become a great andsuccessful person.Shape: WWWWOMeans: You will inherit a business or property from your parents or from an older person. Eventhough you are a capable person and can be successful in your own business, your tendencytowards impatience could get you into a lot of difficulty.Shape: OOWWWMeans: You have a tendency to be proud and snobbish, although deep inside you are a kind-hearted person. Your social skills however need improving. Your relatives tend to take advantageof you.Shape: WOWWOMeans: You are a deep thinking person. At a young age, you are already thinking of your future.You will enjoy a smooth and peaceful life; you will be very happy in your old age.Shape: WOWOOMeans: You are a very sociable person and you enjoy the carefree kind of life going out, partyingand clubbing. When you reach middle and older age, you will rely on people to support you. Bewarned, if you do not prepare yourself, you might have a hard time during your older years.Shape: WOWOWMeans: You are not an easy person to control or to convince, as you are something of a rebel. If
  3. 3. you can stay focused on what you want from life, you will be successful. The problem is that youcan be fickle and vague in what you really want from life.Shape: WWOWOMeans: Your whole life is full of ups and downs, successes and failures. However, if you canmove steadily step-by-step, you can enjoy a peaceful life as you grow into maturity.Shape: WWWOOMeans: You are very kindhearted person and there will be good people in your life, as you willattract these kinds of people towards you. Work hard and you will easily reap your just rewards.You will definitely become successful.Shape: OWWOOMeans: You will get recognition and become famous. Even though your life appears unstableduring your earlier years of working life and you need to work hard in your thirties, when youreach maturity, your life gets better and better.Shape: WWOOWMeans: You are a very capable person, but you tend to lack good judgement. You also tend tostart something and then lose interest. Stay focused if you want to succeed.Shape: OWOOWMeans: You are a noble person with a good character. You tend to be very helpful towardscolleagues and friends so you are a popular person. Because you can think in-depth and havesensitivity towards others, you will enjoy success in the creative fields.Shape: OWOWOMeans: You are blessed with a fast and formidable intellect. You work very quickly and withgreat effectiveness. However, your character is very aggressive and people tend to be intimidatedby you. If you can correct this trait, you can rise to great heights.Shape: WWOOOMeans: You are a very straightforward person. But your thinking tends to be rather naïve andshallow. Even though your suggestions are good, if you don’t think through what you say, youshould not be surprised if people tend to ignore your views. Your speech tends to lack power.Shape: OOWOWMeans: You are a high-minded person, able to see and grab opportunities. You are best suited towork in the financial and investment fields. Your luck gets better as you grow older.Shape: OOWWOMeans: You are a very honest and reputable person. You have little urge to get rich or pursuematerial wealth. But watch it, if you don’t know how to take care of yourself, you can easily getconned and taken advantage of by people.Shape: OOOWOMeans: Your social skills are good, so you attract guidance and help from influential people.Many people help you in your rise to prominence, and your luck turns fabulous in later years.
  4. 4. Shape: OOWOOMeans: You are a very brave and hardworking person. A lot of people trust you when you areyoung. However, unless you work at preserving your reputation, you could make enemies onyour rise up and find that life becomes harder as you get older.Shape: OWOOOMeans: You are a kindhearted character and easily get along with others. You are not good atdoing business, but you are good as a teacher or even as a spiritual master. You can enjoy successin the academic world.Shape: WOOWWMeans: You are reputable and have a peaceful character. So you are definitely someone who canbecome successful and recognized. However, because of your tendency towards pride, you couldend up offending the wrong people.Shape: WOOWOMeans: You are a simple but logical person. If you can focus on the fundamentals of life andadopt a step-by-step approach in your climb up the success ladder and not be too impatient, youwill benefit from wealth luck and be honored by people.Shape: WOOOWMeans: You are a straight talking person who is forthright in your approach. You are strong incharacter, playful but you also easily offend people. But you are also lucky because when youreach middle age, you will rise to a prominent position and your luck really changes for thebetter.