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Yeast Infection


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Yeast Infection

  1. 1. Various conditions, such as bacterial vaginosis and trichomo transmitted disease (STD), can cause vaginal symptoms simyeast infection. If you need assistance in determining the co see the Check Your Symptoms of Vaginal problem
  2. 2. Vaginal Yeast Infection defined
  3. 3. A vaginal infection is an overgrowth of yeast cells in theinfections are very common in women of childbearing age bu age. Although it can be very uncomfortable, vaginal yeast cause serious health problems.
  4. 4. The symptoms of vaginal yeast infection
  5. 5. The most common symptoms of vaginal yeast infec
  6. 6. Vaginal itching.
  7. 7. Genital skin irritation.
  8. 8. Pain or burning in the genital area with urination or in
  9. 9. In some cases, white vaginal discharge is usually odorless women have no noticeable discharge.
  10. 10. Symptoms of a vaginal yeast infection are more likely to occu before the menstrual period.
  11. 11. Cause of vaginal yeast infection
  12. 12. A healthy vagina normally contains many bacteria and a sma cells. The most common bacteria in the vagina are Lactobachelp prevent other organisms such as yeast overgrowth and About 70% to 90% of yeast infections are caused by a strai Candida albicans.
  13. 13. When there is a change in the normal balance of organisms i can overgrow, causing the symptoms. This imbalance can befactors, including the use of broad spectrum antibiotics for o levels of estrogen (as during pregnancy or hormone replace certain medical conditions such as diabetes or HIV i
  14. 14. The diagnosis of vaginal yeast infection
  15. 15. Vaginal itching and a white vaginal discharge that is odorle cottage cheese are classic signs of a vaginal yeast infection. H to misdiagnose a vaginal infection. If your symptoms are not infection, you are not sure of your diagnosis, or who are prsymptoms, consult your health care professional. A vaginal e culture of vaginal discharge can help diagnose whether a organism is present.
  16. 16. Treatment of vaginal yeast infection
  17. 17. A vaginal yeast infection is usually treated with antifungatablets, suppositories or for several days. While some womepill by mouth, oral treatment may be reserved for recurrentcaused by yeast throughout the body. This is mainly becaus affects the entire body, and vaginal treatment limits its effearea. Oral antifungal medications can cause side effects as h and abdominal pain, vaginal treatment is unlikely to cau
  18. 18. Vaginal-counter medications are available to treat vaginal vaginal boric acid capsules are another option. If you have h infection before, not pregnant, and we are sure of their curr the same as during the previous infection, you can self-treayou have a fungal infection that keeps returning despite treat health care professional. A recurrent yeast infection can be health problem.
  19. 19. Fungal infections are common during pregnancy. If you are pr any medication without first discussing your symptoms with professional.
  20. 20. Recurrent yeast infections Vaginal
  21. 21. Yes A yeast infection is considered to be recurrent if it ha infections that cause symptoms and are not associated wiwithin 1 year. Fungal infections are a serious and persistent pof affected women and may be related to diabetes, pregnan condition.
  22. 22. If you have recurrent vaginal yeast infection, your health pro cultured to confirm that yeast is present. It can also be te conditions that may make it more vulnerable to yeast over diabetes or HIV infection.
  23. 23.