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Japanese Women

(c) Hannah Niña Gecomo

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Japanese Women

  1. 1. Japanese Women From Early Japan- Modern Japan
  2. 2. Early Japan  Matriarchal substratum in society
  3. 3. Sun goddess
  4. 4. Ruling Empresses Empress Suiko —first ruling empress Sovereign reigning after Suiko: Kōgyoku/Saimei, Jitō, Gemmei, Genshō, Kōk en/Shōtoku, Meishō and Go-Sakuramachi.
  5. 5. Feudal days Women can inherit property and have a role in the feudal system.
  6. 6. Confucian philosophy and long Feudal experience  Combined to restrict the Freedom of women and force them into complete subordination.
  7. 7. Confucianism  Patriarchal and strongly male-dominated society in China
  8. 8. Age of Swordsmanship  less capable of fighting
  9. 9. In Premodern times  more faithful  do not go out with their husbands to dinners and parties or entertain outsiders in their homes
  10. 10. In Modern times  It is generally accepted that women have more will power and psychological strength than men.
  11. 11. Since World War 2 Provision of 1947 Constitution, explicit equality of sexes: “There shall be no discrimination in political, economic, or social relations, because of. . . .sex. . .”