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Business Requirement Document


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Business Requirement Document is absolutely required before and during IT implementation, to prevent failure

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Business Requirement Document

  1. 1. Business Requirement Document Hendrix Yapputro
  2. 2. Need to replace legacy system?
  3. 3. New IT improves productivity But prevent from project failure
  4. 4. Major Causes of Project Failure Bad communication between relevant parties 57% Lack of planning of scheduling, resources and activities 39% No quality control 35% Milestone not being met 34% inadequate co-ordination of resources 29% Costs getting out of hand 26& Mismanagement of progress 20% Overall poor management 17% Supplier skills overstretched 13% Supplier under-resourced 12% Insufficient measurable output 11% Supplier people not consistent 4% it-cortex
  5. 5. Clear Understanding the Business Requirement
  6. 6. The Dark Side of Creating Business Requirement Document Inadequate experience of internal team Lack of internal team, because of daily activities Lack of business knowledge by internal team, because of the complexity of business Internal team may have a certain intention or hidden agenda Lack of independency from vendor intervention That is the reason why creating BRD needs experienced consultant
  7. 7. EFC Equine FSI Consulting is an experienced consulting who help organization in creating business requirement document. Some selected projects are: 1. Loan System a. Lead Management System BRD b. Loan Origination System BRD c. Loan Collateral System BRD d. Loan Management System BRD e. Loan Collection System BRD 2. Treasury System BRD 3. Asset Liability Management System BRD 4. IFRS System BRD