Citizenship Work Lesson


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Citizenship Work Lesson

  1. 1. Citizenship Work
  2. 2. Citizenship: Behavioral Responsibility Use the chart to guide you in determining how many infraction points you have accumulated during the school year.
  3. 3. Citizenship Graphs Each student is required to complete a graph indicating the number of infraction points accrued throughout the year. Below is an example of a typical graph.
  4. 4. Citizenship Reflection
  5. 5. Citizenship Reflection
  6. 6. Citizenship Reflection
  7. 7. Citizenship Reflection
  8. 8. Citizenship Reflection Examples This year I have made a big change in my behavior to avoid a lot of infraction points. I feel that by being around good people and knowing the rules in school allowed me to not receive detentions or any other major consequences. I have made great progress towards reaching my goal to not receive more than eighteen infraction points. I am doing the right thing by staying out of trouble and setting positive examples for my peers. I currently have three infraction points. One way I tried to reduce my infraction points was by earning merits. I have received a total of four merits which can reduce one infraction point. This citizenship goal is important to me because I feel that there is no need to break rules and suffer for minor offenses. I also feel that if you are a person that stays out of trouble, you should help others to avoid infraction points.
  9. 9. Citizenship Reflection Examples My citizenship behavioral responsibility goal is to accumulate no more than nine infraction points each semester and no more than eighteen infraction points by May 15, 2008. Yes, I am on track to reaching my goal. I am on track with reaching my goal because I have not received any infraction points and I have also earned merits. Ways that I have earned merits is by participating in class, showing excellence and democracy. I am very respectful and do not get distracted easily. I follow directions and do not get into trouble. This goal is important to me because I do not want to leave Thurgood because I have accumulated more than twenty infraction points. Also, this school has a lot to offer and I need to be a positive role model for other students.
  10. 10. Citizenship Reflection Examples My goal is to not receive more than 9 infraction points and as of 2/26/08 I’ve received 13 infraction points. My infraction points have gone up. My number of detentions is now at a 15. I’m not on track to my goal I’m having a hard a time with my anger issues. I see the counselor every once and a while and that’s helping me a lot. I’m also getting detentions for having my shirt un-tucked. I’m not used to tucking my shirt in. I have a tendency to un-tuck my shirt when I’m sitting down it’s a habit that I know I have to break. The trait that I’ve been trying to exemplify is community. I’ve been trying to set examples for others to follow. Even though my grades aren’t very good and my infraction points are very high, some people look up to me because I’m older than a lot of my peers. I set examples for my peers because, I know that if I do something wrong they’re most likely going to do something bad because they feel if I do something and get away with it then they can do things and get away with it. This goal is important to me because my grades are already low and I don’t need anything else that can harm my chances of passing.
  11. 11. Citizenship Reflection Examples My citizenship goal for the semester was to receive fewer than ten detentions. I chose this goal because I know after school I have a lot of things to do and if I want it get them done I need to behave. So far my progress toward my goal has been good. I achieved my goal with six detentions. To achieve my goal I followed all of the NO BRAINERS. The detentions that I received were for being tardy four times, eating in class and continuous talking. There was no good excuse for me being tardy other than laziness and moving slow to class. After receiving these detentions, I did not receive any more detentions during the semester. Those six detentions made me realize that I need to go to bed early so I can be in my seat on time. My goal for next semester will be the same, to receive fewer than ten detentions. I am choosing this goal because it helps me behave. To achieve my goal I will follow all the same strategies including following all of the NO BRAINERS and respecting all the adults in the building. I will go to bed early every night so that I can be in my seat on time. It important to be on time because if I am late I miss the material covered in class.