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Friends CBIT


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Published in: Spiritual, Education
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Friends CBIT

  1. 1. p be dshi and rien ver ur f fore et o ed L tinu ever con
  2. 2. Dear all, Life is a continuous journey and as every journey has an end so Time has come to say Good-Bye to you. But as seasons have to change and people have to move forward in life, hence with this changing season I’m also moving forward for new challenges with all your good wishes and a hope that we’ll meet again in some crossroads of life. No matter wherever I go, I’ll cherish the sweet and beautiful memories of the time spent with you all. Please accept my sincere apologies to everyone whom I had hurt unintentionally, and Thanks to all those who have taken my learning forward. So take care All the Best for future and remember I'll just be a 9966748111 or • away. Urs hems….